Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Pop-Up Canopy Tent

Many Americans are opting for outdoor entertainment and gathering post the COVID-19 global pandemic. Gathering inside somebody’s house and organizing indoor dining are not encouraged for safety concerns. Hence, more and more people are turning to get-togethers outdoors for maintaining a sense of normality, as per NBC News. However, partying outdoors could prove to be quite challenging in winter amidst unexpected weather conditions and extremely low temperatures. We are witnessing a spike in the sales of outdoor tents.

Moreover, outdoor tents are the best way of ensuring a shady space to protect you from the blazing sun during the day. They are best for enjoying the open air irrespective of where you are. You could use outdoor tents while in a recreation area, or the yard, or while camping out amidst the woods or on the beach.

Canopy tents could be your best bet. A canopy tent is supposed to be a portable frame that is best for providing shelter to people, foodstuffs, automobiles, and more. They are also, used for advertising and promotional campaigns by businesses. They are best for trade shows, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, and conventions because they help in grabbing instant audience attention and boosting overall brand awareness. As they are portable and foldable, you may carry them around from one venue to another without any hassles. However, let us explore some of the common mistakes you may make while using these tents.

Some Common Canopy Tent Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake: Not Handling with Care

Most tents will be coming in a case to protect them from any physical damages. However, if you do not bother to take necessary precautions when you take out the different parts of the tent from the case, the tent may get damaged. Always remember to handle these loose components with utmost care. Before setting up the tent, open them carefully to ensure that no parts are missing. You may then focus your attention on the fabric to ensure that there are no visible wrinkles.

MistakeNot Understanding Whether It Is Waterproof or Water-Resistant

If you do not realize the difference between a waterproof canopy tent and a water-resistant one, you will face issues down the line. It is a fact that all pop-up tents are not waterproof. However, most of them are supposed to be water-resistant; however, they are not capable of repelling water. Remember that water pooling could end up damaging your tent. Choose a canopy tent as per your requirements.

Mistake: Panicking & Not Being Proactive 

Remember that pop-up tents are usually quite robust and durable for use in fine weather conditions. They are designed to withstand mild breeze to medium winds but are not capable of combating strong gusts of wind. Do not panic if you encounter inclement weather conditions all of a sudden. Keep your calm and pull down the tent and take refuge in the nearest shelter. If you do not act promptly, your tent may get blown away.

Mistake: You Do Not Pay Attention to Proper Maintenance & Cleaning

Pop-up tents require very little maintenance. However, regular cleaning is essential if you wish to extend the longevity of your tent. Please clean the tent daily and get rid of the harmful dirt and dust that gets accumulated in the tent. Since pop-up tents are usually, made from polyester fabric, people conveniently assume that they do not need any care or cleaning. You should clean your tent regularly with a soft brush and warm water.


It is a good idea to take extra precautions for steering clear of undesirable accidents. These tents often end up pinching fingers and hands. Hence, always stay prepared and carry around a first-aid kit to ensure safety.

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