Lose Weight Quickly and Effortlessly | Jamu – Indonesian Secret for Health and Salvation

Do you think you can lose weight without much effort? Dreaming of losing weight in front of your eyes while you’re busy doing chores, playing games on PlayAmo Canada, or watching shows on Netflix? We present you the unique drink Jamu, which, according to Indonesians, helps you find joy, balance your mind, get rid of toxins and lose weight, strengthen your immune system (which is especially important during coronavirus), as well as cure all diseases.  

So what is the secret of this magical remedy?

The traditional Indonesian phytotherapeutic remedy is prepared from fairly simple ingredients that many people now have at home. Jamu is a kind of natural anti-inflammatory tonic with many potential health benefits, including digestive aid and pain relief.

A Long History

Although the name of the drink will seem completely unfamiliar to many, it has been a part of Indonesian culture for centuries. Jamu can be made from a variety of roots, herbs, flowers, or spices such as ginger, honey, and turmeric. The ingredients are mixed in a mortar before straining.

“We add Indonesia’s abundant herbs and spices to make the healing tonics that many Indonesians drink daily, with recipes passed down through generations through healers and family members,” explains Metta Murdaya, founder of Juara Skincare. Incorporating wisdom and health practices from Indonesia and other Asian regions, Jamu is a rich local tradition in various states.

Jamu Is a Way of Life

In Indonesian culture, Jamu is more than just a drink. To experience its full effect, one must not just drink the drink but understand a philosophy of health that recognizes the individual as part of the community and that joy is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Many hotels and restaurants have begun to include Jamu on their menus, making it much more attractive to Western tourists, especially in Java and Bali. The Indonesian government has also increased its support for the Jamu industry, helping the business grow and promoting product development and export.

Variety of Recipes

There is no single correct way to make jamu, nor is there one recipe. There are many, perhaps thousands. Each island in Indonesia may have slight differences in making Jamu because it is based on local flora and fauna. For example, Bali has more fresh leaves in the drink because there is more vegetation there. And in Java, there are more spices: turmeric and ginger.

The most popular type of Jamu is called majun. It is made with coconut milk and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, ginger root, and turmeric. You can also add cane sugar and honey – then Jamu will have a slightly sweet taste. Its color varies from light brown to dark red because of the different ingredients used.

Useful Features of Jamu

Jamu is made from several different anti-inflammatory ingredients, the most powerful of which is turmeric. The active ingredient in the spice is called curcumin. It helps reduce inflammation in the body and is a strong antioxidant.

Ginger also contains plant compounds called gingerols, which fight inflammation by strengthening the immune system. Gingerol can be useful for reducing abdominal bloating and other symptoms of an upset stomach. The health benefits of ginger are nothing new-the root of this powerful plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

Unsweetened coconut water is rich in potassium, which is an important mineral and electrolyte that helps keep the body hydrated. Potassium helps the nervous and muscular systems function.

An important ingredient in the drink is honey. The sweet product in its raw form has natural antibacterial properties. This makes it a great addition to any diet, especially for those who suffer from gastrointestinal problems, food poisoning, or just want to prevent potential intestinal problems. By the way, did you know about the fact that honey should not be drunk with tea?

Ready to make your own Jamu? Try this recipe: you’ll need fresh turmeric and ginger, honey, 2-3 limes, and some water, along with a blender and strainer. Enjoy and don’t get sick!

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