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Insvideopush review (Is legit or a scam?). Read all you are expected to know about insvideopush platform that promises to reward users that complete tasks on the platform.

In today’s review will are going to discuss the following insvideopush review, domain registration, founder of insvideopush, where is insvideopush located, how to join insvideopush, how to withdraw on insvideopush, how does insvideopush works, and more.

There are lots of many ways people are making money from the internet as far you have internet access. There are platforms that promise to pay users just to carry out a task and earn a commission for the tasks. Majority of those platforms cannot keep to their promises which will result in a waste of time to users.

Some platforms are just likely to stay for some months and fold up without paying their investors. I know many users have been a victim of all these platforms that claim to reward users just to carry out a task.

Insvideopush is a similar platform to ebaysir, stepworks, norderworks that recently crash with investors’ money. This platform is likely to stay for some months and disappear with investor money.

For you not to be a victim of any online scammers checking should be your first priority before investing your money in any online platform. Because many platforms are just interested in investors’ money.

You can never be a beneficiary from this platform it’s only the creator that will benefit from it. Let find out to know if this platform can be a benefit to users or a platform that users need to stay clear from.

Insvideopush is a part-time work platform that earns money by giving likes and following anchors’ short videos. Where there are a lot of short-time tasks for users to get. You can rest assured to experience and make good use of your spare time to make a profit by taking orders.

The requirements of the task are not high, just the operation of the user in the social network. A lot of good-looking and fun tasks will be sent to you at any time, and you can get more rewards if you operate easily here at any time. It is very convenient to complete the task and earn pocket money.

Domain registration

insvideopush was created in the year 2021-08-06 which domain name will expire in the year 2023-08-06 which can still be updated to more years.

Founder of insvideopush

The platform does not reveal the people handling the website and that makes it risky for an investor not to trust them. Investing your funds on such a platform is a better way of losing your money to scammers.

Where is insvideopush located?

No further information about their address or location. If you make ask why are they secretive because they do not trust themselves and they know that they will end up defrauding innocent users? Take note of this they are not a reliable investment platform they only stay for a while.

How to join insvideopush?

  • Visit:
  • Fill in the form
  • Invitation code: 152234
  • Download the app
  • Good to go

How to recharge on insvideopush?

Once you have log in click on Me and click on recharge. Insvideopush offer different kinds of recharging channel. You are free to choose any of the payment channels to recharge your account.

How to withdraw on insvideopush?

It’s pretty much easy. First, you are to click on Me and click on withdrawal account and add your withdrawal address. Withdrawal will be sent to the payment channel you use to recharge your account. The minimum withdrawal amount is $3 and a fixed $1 handling fee.

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How does insvideopush work?

There are many ways to make money. You can make money by giving likes or following online celebrities. Its main purpose is to increase the number of fans for anchors who need to increase their popularity, so as to increase their popularity and page views.

Recharge members can also receive additional bonuses and tasks to ensure that the anchorman can effectively increase awareness and views, and upgrade high-level members can withdraw the commission at any time every day.

Task flow:

  1. Go to the tasks page in insvideopush APP and click “pick up tasks”
  2. After receiving the task-click the record below-click the video link-enter the task video operation.
  3. Follow the task requirements-follow and like-click the finish button when you are finished.
  4. Click-submit to complete the task-wait for review.

Is insvideopush legit or a scam?

Despite what this review has told you, insvideopush is just a total waste of time. We don’t recommend investors with them. If you know that this platform is legit or a scam does not hesitate to leave a comment down below.

Referral commission

You can invite new users to join the platform with your referral link to earn a commission whenever they join the platform with your link.


Writing this review is for the purpose of inexperienced users to know more about this platform. If you have gained something valuable from this article feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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