How to track multiple packages?

A point that is quite valuable in the tracking methods is that: What are the requirements for the multiple packages tracking? Follow the lines that are given below to know about the multiple packages tracking systems. So, move forward.

Multiple Packages Tracking:

Only one method is given below that you can use

to track your multiple packages and read it carefully to make it much easier for you. All of us know, there is a tracking number or ID that is the only requirement in the whole tracking system. But in Multiple packages tracking, we need other resources to track our packages.

  • First of All, Open any website of the courier delivery company and here you can see a tracker tool. Now, here you need to put CSV Upload or shipment tracking ID and after that, press the button “Track” with a searching Icon. After that process, All the information about your packages will appear on your screen with all explanations.
  • Customers should remember that they can only track a container, shipment, or trucks in which their parcels are placed. Contact our company employees and they will provide the specific ID or anything else that you can use in tracking.


In that modern era, Every person needs to complete various tasks in their daily routine. In simple words, we can say that everyone is busy with their work and they don’t have more time to do anything else. So, people face difficulties and think that tracking a package is just a waste of time. To solve that problem, the company provides a special service to its customers that also increases its popularity in the whole world. This service is information by Notifications.

In that process, the customer needs to set the option of notification from the main website of the courier delivery company. Open the main website and log in with your account. After that, you can see an option of notification that is available near the tracker tool. Just select that option and give your mobile number or G-mail. After that, the company will make your tracking auto and you can get the information every second about your parcel.

Multiple Packages:

No doubt, there are a lot of people who are doing the e-commerce business or import-export. So, here they need to send or receive more than 1 parcel. So, the company takes all their packages together and combines them for easy and convenient delivery. After that, they shift it into a specific container or a truck and then provide the ID of these containers and trucks to its customers. So, customers can use that ID to track their multiple packages. There are a lot of package delivery companies nowadays, but Shiply provides the best services for your budget and the type of service you need.

The tracking method of multiple packages and single packages is quite the same. The difference between these packages is only the Tracking number and ID number. When the customer adds the tracking number in any tracker tool then all the information regarding his single parcel will appear on the screen of the device. Moreover, if you face any other problem related to the tracking then you can contact the company through the main website.

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