How to prepare GK for CDS exam?

The UPSC releases the notification for the CDS exam which covers a large number of non-technical positions, including SSC Women, for applicants interested in joining the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force.

The UPSC has already released the official schedule for the CDS 2022 test in 2022. The candidates must begin their preparation right from the day the notification has been released. Both male and female candidates are eligible to apply for the CDS exam that is conducted twice a year.

CDS Syllabus 2022

The CDS Syllabus comprises the following subjects that should be prepared thoroughly to crack the exam.

Subjects Topics
General Knowledge ●      Current affairs of the last 4-5 months from the examination date.

●      History

●      Physics

●      Biology

●      Geography

●      Political Science

English ●      Basic Grammar

●      Synonyms

●      Antonyms

●      Comprehension Solving

●      Error Spotting

●      Para Jumbles

Elementary Maths ●      Natural numbers

●      Integers

●      Percentages

●      Rational and Real numbers

●      Time & work

●      Time & distance

●      Profit & loss

●      Ratio & proportion

●      Prime and composite numbers

●      Simple and compound interest

●      HCF and LCM

●      Euclidean algorithm

●      Geometry

●      Logarithms

●      Trigonometry

●      Statistics

●      Mensuration

CDS GK Preparation 2022

The NDA  and CDS  tests have been declared by the Union Public Service Commission. If candidates are well-prepared, they should know how to prepare GK for CDS and NDA examinations with BYJU’S Exam Prep.

Both tests examine GK (general knowledge); the NDA exam contains a General Ability Test that incorporates GK, whilst the CDS exam has a separate paper for the GK part. The General Ability Test, or GAT, in the NDA Exam consists of 150 questions. The exam is worth a total of 600 points. Thousands of qualified applicants miss out on the SSB interview every year because they do not get the required score on both examinations. As a result, while there is still time before the examinations, students should understand how to study GK for the NDA and CDS tests. The following are some simple strategies for practising general knowledge in preparation for the NDA and CDS tests:

  • Before taking the examination, familiarise yourself with the content and exam format.
  • To prepare for the test, gather resources and the most important books.
  • Examine the previous year’s paper and the most frequently asked questions.
  • It’s a good idea to use conventional text and resources, as well as well-known novels.
  • Remove any physics, chemistry, or biological concepts from your mind.
  • Learn English grammar and apply it to your daily life.

Use BYJU’S Exam Prep for best GK preparation for CDS.

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