How Cricket Came to Unite Indians

Meta Title: How Cricket Came to Unite Indians

Meta Description: Cricket is the most loved sport in India. The sport offers a high level of thrill and intensity and has been a major bridging link that unites Indians even amidst the vast diversity in the country.

Cricket has evolved and grown tremendously throughout the years. Today, it is one of the most popular and most-watched sports worldwide. The popularity of this bat-and-ball game has continued to rise rapidly, turning into a defining sporting activity on a global scale.

For Indians, cricket is much more than just any sport. It is admired and cherished so much that it has become more or less religion in the country. This is evident in the massive number of fans and spectators that the Indian Premier League (IPL) attracts each year, ranking among the most viewed leagues in the world. Also, it is estimated that Indians account for more than 80% of all cricket fans globally. A cricket world cup without the Indian national team is incomplete.

With over a billion people, India is a country rich in diversity – separated into several states and populated by individuals of various castes, creeds, religions, and languages. While this diversity makes the country rich in numerous cultures and traditions, these differences frequently serve as barriers and divisions among Indians. However, like any other sport, cricket has served as a bridging link that unites the nation. Every time India plays, most of the country’s population cheer for the same 11 players. Everyone feels represented on the field, forgetting individual differences and rooting together in delight.

India has long been associated with a wide range of sports, which have a significant effect and have always been an integral element of the nation’s culture and history. Cricket, in particular, has long been a favorite of the Indian people, and without a doubt, no sport in India is as renowned as it is. Although hockey is considered India’s national sport, the buzz, passion, intensity, and excitement that cricket provides lead us to believe differently. 

How has Cricket United Indians?

Sports is usually a neutral ground in many nations, even very diverse ones. Everyone can participate, regardless of culture, lifestyle, belief, caste, language, or other differences. The language of sport is unifying, and how cricket unites India is a prime example of this. When it comes to cricket, Indians are usually quite excited; they speak about it a lot, spend hours watching it, and even bet on it. Although the legal position on the issue is pretty ambiguous and uncertain, the availability of online betting apps in India, which have served to exploit loopholes in the anti-betting legislation, has made betting quite comfortable and straightforward. Overall, cricket is a sport that unifies Indians, and the fact that it represents a significant portion of India’s sports economy gives us a good indication of how important the sport is in the country.

Major World Cup Victories

Winning any sporting event as a nation brings about a higher feeling of patriotism and nationalism, and India is no exception in this regard. As a nation, India already has a strong sense of patriotism (because of the Independence fight and subsequent conflicts). However, a sport like Cricket further pulls forth a purer emotion in this regard. Every time India plays a cricket match, the entire country comes together to cheer on their side. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a warehouse, a department store, or a retailer’s shop. People gather in large numbers to watch the game. On such occasions, you are unconcerned about a player’s religion, belief, or cultural differences; when he bats, you simply want him to hit a home run. Basically, cricket and other sporting events promote a sense of oneness and unity among people regardless of their differences. The 1983 and 2011 Cricket World Cup victories are two prime examples. These two significant victories, 28 years apart, assist in building a sense of national pride and disseminating a sense of love and accomplishment among citizens.

Social harmony

Aside from the adrenaline rush and entertainment that cricket gives, the sport also serves as a tool for social harmony. It has played a significant role in creating international diplomatic relationships, particularly between India and Pakistan. A major scenario was in 1987, amid escalating tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. With both troops on high alert near the border, Pakistan’s President Zia ul-Huq accepted an offer from Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to attend an India-Pakistan Test match conducted in India. This visit contributed to a reduction in tensions between the two parties.

A common interest

In summary, if you travel around the vast nation of India, you will be exposed to several different cultures, lifestyles, languages, and so on. However, cricket is one thing that remains relatively consistent across the length and width of India regardless of the city or people, whether they are Hindu or Muslim, young or old, or north or south Indian. It’s safe to say nothing brings India together like the sport. Being in the same team as players or supporting the same team as fans unite us amidst many disparities. An Indian from another state may have concerns with Mumbai, but they all stand together when it comes to Sachin Tendulkar. Some people may dislike Bengal or Karnataka, but cricket legends Sourav and Dravid are uniting influences.


Cricket is indeed a major sports event in India, and fans in the country go crazy for it. However, aside from the thrill, entertainment, and intensity associated with a game of cricket, it also serves as one significant influence that overcomes disparities to unite Indians.  

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