Green Screen Background: How To Make The Most Of Your Videos

Are you trying to shoot a video and trying to make it look unique?  Using a green screen at the background is one of the realistic ways to prepare videos. Your audience may not even know that you are not at the location and all they may view are the magical effects on the screen. 

Creating green screen videos:

Many people use the green screen or the chroma key to make the videos stand out but when you need to tell your audience a creative story, using the green screen is one of the best options to choose. Here is how to make your video unique without moving to the location. Read the points below to understand who can rely on green screen backgrounds.

  • Students can leverage green screens when preparing their school projects and learn more about the society and politics through the newscasts.
  • The teachers can especially use green screen to emulate any aspect of the lesson and make it more realistic so that the students find the lessons more interesting.
  • The green screen provides an excellent method of illustrating the topics they want to teach in the class.
  • The business professionals can get creative with the green screen technology to reveal their brand identity and present the branding elements professionally.

Making green screen videos unique:

You may have several things in mind when creating green screen videos but here is how to make your video unique without moving to the location.

  • Using lights for the green screen

When shooting a green screen video, you need to use separate lights for the background and the subject on which to focus.  The use of lights allows you to determine the color intensity and the saturation of the green screen. Using a couple of lights or more may suffice but you need to avoid using too much light on the background. 

  • Choosing the green screen

The green screen background is a hot favorite among the film and video producers for creating the special effects. When choosing the green screen, you are likely to come across a wide range of colors. Today, you may also get green screen combined with blue screen allowing you to remove other aspects from the background. However, you need to focus on your attire and the props to use in front of the screen.

  • Using the shadows appropriately

With an even lighting in the background, you need to consider the subject and the shadows. The shadows impose a huge challenge when using the green screen. For instance if you keep the subject too close to the green screen, the shadows may create trouble. So, try to change the position of the subject and figure out the shadows on the screen beforehand. 

Placing the props:

One of the ways to use the green screen effectively is interacting with it. So, when using the props for illustrating your story, you must create funny and interesting situations.

Finally, you need to rely on the best software to create the special effects. The green screen videos can instill life to your ideas and create a lively experience when shooting the videos. 

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