Football Betting Formula

If you want to win every bet, you can’t rely on your feelings entirely. Undoubtedly, there is always a betting pattern and formula which people should comprehend. The same goes with a football game. The football lovers who are into betting first learn the football betting บาคาร่า rather than going with instinct. A procedure will help you assess the situation correctly, and it makes you more rational for taking the right step at the exact time. 

When we talk about football betting methods, the Kelly Criterion is effective among all. The technique helps you in guiding how much money you should wager in the bet. Moreover, the most inspiring fact about this formula is that it offers you high profit compared to other methods.

The Kelly Criterion Formula: 

Fortunately, the football passionate who already have some knowledge of soccer watering can make a precise decision. However, the gambling enthusiasts who want to jump in soccer betting need to know that they should use decimal odds if they choose the Kelly Criterion strategy. 

The formula they are going to apply should look like this: ((B×P) -Q/B.  

Here, the B in the equation is for multiple football enthusiasts’ wager who want the chance to sweep. Since we have decided to use decimals odds, punters have to subtract one by the odds value they can choose. In short, suppose you have a wager of $20 at odds of 3.00, which means the winning stakes will take you up to $60. There the multiple is 2.

 The P in the equation represents the probability of your stake becoming successful. If we assume the chances of your wager to become successful is 40%, then it will indicate that the likelihood of your reward is 0.40. 

On the contrary, the Q represents the chances of your stock becoming a losing one. We supposed the opportunities of your stake becoming the winning one is 40% thereby the 60% will go with losing one. So, here the Q value would stand at 0.60 in your case. It means football freaks have to minus the success probability from 1 to get the likelihood of failure. 

After figuring out all this, the equation would look like (2×0.40)- 0.60)/2=0.1. According to football Kelly Criterion, the punters should stake 0.1 of the amount they wanted to use of gambling. The value we got is positive, which shows that you will reap more significant rewards. 

Estimate the situation precisely the way described above results in a bit of risk if there’s a chance. Therefore, the Kelly Criterion is highly considered by a large number of football punters. Another foremost factor you need to focus upon is a calculation; a little wrong estimate may cause bankroll in a few tricks. 


Everyone wants to get double profit on what they spend rather than suffer a loss. However, it can be possible only if you make an appropriate strategy to figure out the situation. Same in the case of football, where before making a bet, people should work on the football betting method while considering the Kelly Criterion. 

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