Facial Recognition Program: Secure & Remote ID Verification

With the development in technology, online services are increased such as online education, shopping, gaming, payments, and chatting, etc. Along with various online facilities, the chances of online fraud and identity theft are also increased. At present, half of the world’s population are using internet services and with the passage of time, online users are increasing gradually. On the other hand, Fraudsters are also there to steal the personal data of internet users and aim to harm them financially. So, a safe and secure mechanism is needed to cater to online fraud and to protect the personal data of millions of users worldwide. Facial recognition systems are the best suitable solution for mitigating such risks and building customers’ trust in identity verification services. 

A Quick Get to Know About Identity Verification

Identity verification is a process of verifying the person or end-user details with different documents provided by the person to verify his identity. Verification can be done through different methods like document verification, facial recognition program, biometric verification, address verification, etc. In this regard, online identity verification is the best way to verify your customer as compared to manual verification that is a bit insecure. 

With the increase in online fraud, users want security for their data to avoid loss in the future. Now, they are switching towards real-time verification services as compared to sending their data to other entities for verification. Online identity verification is a quick and reliable way to verify the business or customer identity within a few seconds and facial recognition program is one of them. To verify a person’s identity, the AI-based system just matches the credentials of the end-user with his provided documents at the back-end for verification in real-time. 

Face Recognition – An Advance AI Verification

Face verification is one of the easiest ways to verify data in real-time. Businesses and customers prefer to use face identification technology as it takes only five seconds to verify. . Advanced AI algorithms are employed to validate the end-user in this technology. With the live camera, it detects the face and also detects spoof assaults. This product can be used on any platform, including (Web API, iOS SDK, Android SDK). Face verification is also used for ongoing KYC, which improves the sign-in procedure by allowing users to take selfies.

It uses 3D liveness detection to simplify the login process by authenticating users using a selfie. Anti-spoofing protection, quick digital ID authentication, identity verification, and ongoing transaction authentication are all included. User identification offers a quick and cost-effective solution for conformity and fraud prevention that is tailored to your company’s demands in real-time.

How Can Businesses Use This Service? 

Businesses use Facial recognition technology for security purposes to protect their devices from sensitive data. Facial recognition systems allow businesses to verify identities online. In today’s world, this technology has proven to be quite beneficial as other biometric methods such as fingerprint recognition had limited usage due to mandatory physical contact. Facial recognition technology also provides better security for online payments and a good banking experience to engage more users worldwide. Also, Do you know the google full form?

Why Facial Recognition is Getting Essential?

Facial recognition systems are very secure to verify the identity of the know your business or customers as it detects spoof attacks, identify deep fakes, and identity proofing. Mostly, businesses and customers like to use the Facial recognition service as it detects minor facial movements that make it compatible along with other verification services. That’s why facial recognition programs gain the trust of millions of users and about 64% of users are using this technology worldwide.


By using online identity verification services, financial institutions may overcome the problem of online fraud and make their products safe and secure. Facial recognition programs prove to be one of the best methods to verify identity as it detects all types of attacks, deep fakes, 3D masks, and video attacks. In this way, the end-user also protects his credentials from fraudsters which helps them to avoid financial loss.

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