A liposuction is a viable option when it comes to body-fat removal. It is, in other words, customized to help patients achieve a slimmer body texture. In scope, it concerns itself with the suctioning of fat that is resistant to body exercise and low diets from the body. And it currently ranks as one of the world’s top cosmetic surgeries.

Patients, who, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, opt for liposuction tend to slim down, contour, or reshape their abdomen, hips, buttock, back, neck, breasts, or thighs.

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Candidates for Liposuction

A recurring question about liposuction is that is it not for everyone and for anyone who specifically desires to lose excess fat in the long run? Now, the response is, Well, yes. Anyone, but not everyone. Liposuction is a medical venture, and as such, should be treated under medical terms and conditions.

  1. Liposuction is largely beneficial for patients who are within 30% of the ideal weight, but one-way-or-the-other battle an unfixed deposit of fat which exercises, gyming, and dieting have failed to
  2. Non-smokers with a track record of good health also stand a chance of successful liposuction Still not enough to mention ‘realistic expectations about the outcome of the process’ from the latter as a prerequisite.
  3. Liposuction is not for those who have lost an ideal amount of These sets of people may not enjoy the complementing muscle toning and skin elasticity that liposuction brings.

About Liposuction

Liposuction can do many things, but not this — well, you might have probably been relying on liposuction to remove that extra fat of 50pounds. But the banger is that liposuction can only remove one to 10pounds of fat in one operation.

Now, here’s the real deal about Liposuction Surgery:

  • Before your procedure, tests will be taken on you to confirm your health Your surgeon might also recommend herbal supplements and medications to avoid inRammation.
  • On the day of your procedure, many things will Take a seat and read on.
    • You will be prepared for surgery: This happens with IV Ruid lines fixed to condition your Ruid
    • A general anesthetic will be performed basically for your comfort during the
    • Incisions will be made in treatment areas by the They are closed with surgical sutures which help drain excess Ruid, although newer strategies are employed — such as laser or ultrasound technologies.
  • After the procedure, the recovery process is usually You will be given materials that will help your body conform perfectly to the surgery. Return-to-work should take about three to four days, save for the fact that strenuous work should be avoided for at least two to three weeks.

Risks and Complications of Liposuction

Liposuction is like Santa Claus, it comes with many gifts — probably not nice ones, anyway. As with other surgical procedures, it has to complement risks and complications:

  • Persisting pain in the operated area
  • Nerve, blood vessels, organs, and muscle damages
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Protruding anesthesia
  • Poor skin pigmentation and discoloration, contour
  • Pulmonary or cardiac negativities

Consequent to these complications is a need to undergo another surgery — to either get better liposuction treatment or correct these resultant effects.

Cost of Liposuction Surgery

One thing for sure is that the surgery cost is dependent on the varying degrees of treatment — based on the size and number of areas [intended to be] operated, plus the surgical methods employed, your geographical proximity, and the qualification and reputation of the surgeon.

However, the average cost of the surgery according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is

$3500 but can be a little above due to the above stated.

Alternative to Liposuction

Just as many other things, ultrasound and laser tech, radio waves, and exposure to cold can serve as alternatives in body contouring. It is best, however, to discuss the possibilities with your doctor/surgeon.

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