Dietary Guidelines for Balancing Hormones

Individuals with unhealthy lifestyles are at a higher risk of suffering from multiple physical and mental health problems. People must maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to enhance the functioning of vital organs. People who exhibit symptoms of imbalance hormones such as hirsutism, lethargy, and changes in body weight must focus on their dietary intake. The nutritionist in Karachi can provide guidance regarding dietary intake to maintain moderate weight and avoid further complications.

The natural ways that can help balance the hormones and avoid further complications include:

  • Add Proteins in Every Meal: To maintain bodily functions, the person must consume proteins daily. Proteins are responsible for the production of peptide hormones. Peptide hormones are responsible for metabolic functioning, managing stress, and reproduction. Individual who notices symptoms of hormonal imbalance must monitor their protein intake. It is a must to consume at least twenty to thirty grams of proteins to regulate bodily functions.
  • Mindful Eating: The person must take a balanced diet. It allows for maintaining a healthy body weight and reduces the risk of complications associated with obesity. The individual above the required BMI is at a higher risk of suffering from insulin resistance and hormonal changes. It can affect physical and psychological health. Hence, it is best to include organic food items to lower the risk of diseases.
  • Maintain Gut Health: The gut microbiome is responsible for regulating hormones. Hence it is best for individuals exhibiting signs of gastroenterological or hormonal changes to try body detoxifying drinks to enhance the functioning of the gut and reduce the risk of complications.
  • Limit the Sugar Intake: The high sugar levels in the body can cause insulin resistance. Individuals with PCOS have a hormonal imbalance, and insulin resistance can worsen the symptoms. Therefore, people must consume natural sources of sugar, such as fresh and dry fruits, to balance the hormones and avoid further complications.
  • Consume Healthy Fats: Healthy fats are responsible for reducing insulin resistance and cortisol hormone. It permits the balance of the hormones and enhances bodily functions. Hence, individuals with PCOS must include sources of healthy fat in their daily diet to manage the symptoms.
  • Try to Follow High Fiber Diet: High fiber helps the person feel full. The person does not crave junk food that allows maintaining the hormones. Additionally, fiber helps manage insulin sensitivity and enhances bodily functions.
  • Include Eggs in Breakfast: People must consume a healthy and fulfilling breakfast for energy. Eggs are a good source of proteins that have a positive effect on the insulin ghrelin hormones in the body. Therefore, individuals must consume boiled or fried eggs in the morning. 
  • Consume Fish and Chicken: The high protein diet helps balance the hormone and avoid further complications. Hence, people must include chicken or fish in their lunch. Chicken helps in the secretion of leptin hormone in the body and makes the person feel full for a longer time.
  • Add Cruciferous Vegetables to Daily Diet: Cruciferous vegetables are known to regulate hormones and remove the excess estrogen in the body. People must prepare a balanced meal by adding vegetables and proteins to their lunch and dinner.
  • Drink Green Smoothie: Green vegetables help reduce the inflammation in the body and manage the hormones. Hence, the best way to consume green vegetables is to prepare a smoothie and add honey to enhance the flavor.
  • Nuts and Cherries as Snacks: Melatonin in the cherries helps balance the hormones. Additionally, the nuts are responsible for hormone production. The individual can have a handful of nuts and berries as their snacks daily to promote bodily functions and avoid further complications.
  • Eat Flaxseeds Daily: Women noticing an irregularity in their menstrual cycle are at a higher risk of suffering from hormonal imbalance and related complications. Therefore, the person must consume half a teaspoon of flaxseed with water in the morning.

People who notice their symptoms that correlate with hormonal imbalance are worsening must not delay their visit to a competent and reliable specialist at Ittefaq Hospital for guidance regarding the changes in diet and lifestyle.


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