Diesel Truck Parts

If you’re looking for diesel truck parts, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find exhaust tips and grilles. We’ve even included turbochargers and aftermarket air filters. Don’t forget to check out our article on turbochargers and exhaust systems for more information! If you’re looking to spice up your diesel truck with a new exhaust system, Dale’s Super Store is the place to go visit this website prosourcediesel.com

Aftermarket air filters

Before you replace your air filter, you must first check its integrity. If the end cap or liners are dented, the filter may collapse. Also, warped or torn covers will not make a proper seal. It is important to check the tightness of all air cleaner mounting bolts and clamps to ensure that they do not leak. Remove your filter carefully, and vacuum any debris. Use a lightly oiled rag to remove any dirt or debris. It is crucial to work from the clean side of the housing and avoid touching the dirty one.

The next time you change your air filter, check whether it is an OEM or an aftermarket one. OEM-style paper filters are not designed to be replaced with aftermarket versions. If your air filter is clogged, it can lead to engine problems. Check to see whether it is made from high-quality paper, which will prevent the buildup of harmful chemicals in your engine. Then, check the pressure drop to make sure the filtering efficiency is good. If there is a difference, you need to replace the entire filter.

Cold air intake kits

If you’re thinking about upgrading your truck’s engine, you may want to consider installing a cold air intake kit. These kits can help give your diesel truck an extra boost and make it responsive to drive. By adding a large amount of cold air to the engine, it’ll be able to accelerate to your desired speed faster. A cold air intake system is a relatively easy install. However, there are some things to consider before you purchase one.

Make sure the cold air intake kit you choose is compatible with your particular truck. Manufacturers make intakes based on the make and model of your truck. Be sure to check the vehicle’s make, model, and year of production before buying. A true cold air intake kit is more complicated to install and features a fully enclosed box, which insulates against heat and pulls in fresh air. This type of air intake is more expensive than a simple cold air intake kit, but it can deliver big performance gains with usglobalworld.


Choosing a turbocharger for your diesel truck can be a tricky task. In general, you want to get a dual-scroll turbo. This design is more efficient than a single-scroll turbo, but you may need a little more money to afford one. While the twin-scroll turbo is cheaper and easier to install, it is also more complicated. It has many limitations, including a limited rpm range and cost.

The remanufactured turbocharger has a lower cost than a new part, but its quality isn’t compromised. It’s made to meet OEM standards and enables manufacturers to provide a competitive price. The high quality, OE replacement part also fits into BorgWarner’s green culture, and its customers are taking advantage of this. The benefits of remanufactured turbos are well-known.

Exhaust systems

Choosing the right diesel truck exhaust system can greatly enhance fuel efficiency and help cut maintenance costs. Diesel engines are favored by many industries due to their high power capacity and low emissions. Aftermarket exhaust systems are available to enhance horsepower and reduce noise levels. There are several different types of exhaust systems to choose from, including axle-back, cat-back, and stainless steel exhausts. Aluminized steel exhaust systems have similar performance and sound, but corrode and rot easily. They are much cheaper than stainless steel systems.

The exhaust system routes exhaust gases from the engine and attenuates the combustion noise. The exhaust gas is composed of components that contribute to pollution and are regulated by government regulations. Although the exhaust system still performs its original functions, it has become an important element in addressing pollution control. This paper examines the design and construction of low-backpressure exhaust systems for medium and heavy-duty trucks. This paper also describes guidelines for low-backpressure exhaust systems.

Performance mods

You may be wondering how to increase the performance of your diesel truck. There are many aftermarket parts and performance mods available for diesel trucks, and you’ll find that there are literally hundreds of options. The Engine Control Module (ECM) dictates the engine’s performance, so modifying the settings can increase its overall performance. Truck engineers have learned how to maximize the diesel engine’s potential, but factory tuning is typically conservative to meet government emissions, fuel economy, and other regulations. However, with a little help, truck enthusiasts can increase the settings and increase the vehicle’s power.

While the 6.7-liter Cummins produces solid power right from the factory, you can easily boost its performance through bolt-on mods. However, serious power gains require modifying the transmission and fueling systems, and these modifications can be expensive. Instead, the four suggested performance mods should give your truck adequate power benefits, without sacrificing resale value. When considering which performance mods to install, keep in mind the vehicle’s overall reliability.

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