Owning a home calls for the best decorations and furniture to make it a delightful dwelling. It is a dream for many people to purchase their own houses and design them the way they like! But when people think of accessorising their homes, they only think about the significant furniture that will adorn their living and bedroom. Designing involves much more than that!

Curtains, carpets and wall hangings are all minuscule aspects of designing that people tend to brush over. There is a wide market for such artistic products, and plantation shutters in Australia. These window additions retain a visual attraction and conserve a style that is enhancing when it comes to the overall look. This is also a safety and security adage and it is affordable. 

Australia has around 11,000 people employed as interior designers. The carpet and curtain markets are the most popular out of the other home decor markets. According to IBIS World’s reports, the market size is around $669.7 million as of 2021! This only adds to the fact that Aussies love designing their homes apart from other things. 

The perks of designing your home

It is always a fun task to design one’s own home. The advantage is not just fun, but also pleasant for the satisfaction one gets from their work. On the other hand, if one designs their own home, they can control the style, budget, and even the accessories they envision that make their house a home!

Things to look out for while designing

There are certain accessories and furniture that make or break the vibe of your home. These need to be given utmost priority while designing during the early stages so that the clientele can agree on the colour scheme, style and vibe they wish to opt for. 

  • Walls: The colour and pattern of the walls are essential. Some people opt for dark coloured walls that provide an excellent interior perfect for rainy days. Others prefer lighter walls with spatula walls that give the home a bright and warm interior. Other choices are patterned walls like wooden or teak walls to provide the house with a rustic look. 
  • Curtains: Curtains are not just used to screen the lights from entering the home but are also used to add to the home’s aesthetics. For example, many people prefer split curtains to allow light to enter partially. Many services that sell plantation shutters in Australia use top-quality materials to provide the best. These cost anywhere between $70 to $400. These curtains, along with sheers, are often used in home libraries to provide the soft light. 
  • Sofa: Sofas, recliners and couches are imperative in any living room. They are used for seating guests, watching TV and sometimes even eating dinner! From leather to the soft fabric, sofas come in various materials that deliver comfort and look. The colours one chooses is also essential. Choosing dark colours will not only give a royal look but also help hide stains better. On the other hand, choosing light coloured sofas will add instant elegance to the room. 
  • Wall hangings: Many art enthusiasts might wish to hang paintings on their walls. Choosing the right frames for the photographs is crucial for the pictures to pop out when visitors enter. Apart from this, many people like hanging Victorian style mirrors to add to the vintage aesthetic. 

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