Custom Kraft Soap Boxes for Small Business

If you’re in the business of customized packaging, custom kraft soap boxes would be an ideal choice to promote your products. America is one of the fastest growing consumers of packaging, whether it’s for personal or industrial purposes. As Americans continue to lead the world in terms of per capita packaging, so too has their packaging industry. Soaps are packaged in all manner of ways, but the three most prominent trends in packaging are:

Custom Printed Boxes

Plain brown, polyethylene terephthalate or PET bottles, which are generally made out of glass. These can be custom printed boxes that feature your company logo or message. These have long been the standard in packaging, but in recent years the trend toward customized packaging has increased tremendously. Customized boxes are both practical and eye-catching, making custom Kraft boxes an ideal option. They are highly functional as packaging and safe, too.

Custom Made Kraft Soap Boxes

Another trend in packaging is custom made kraft soap boxes. Although it’s not exactly a box, custom made Kraft boxes do combine features of a regular soap container with the unique properties of soap manufacturing. By mixing and matching textures, colors, and other characteristics of different soaps manufactured around the world, custom made Kraft boxes can look almost like the real thing. With real soap in the mix, the box has the advantage of not breaking or splintering, but it also has the benefit of not weighing the consumer down with unnecessary weight.


In order to meet the high demands on packaging, manufacturers turn to specialty suppliers. One reason custom kraft soap packaging boxes are popular is that it’s very easy to find the perfect one. Most manufacturers rely on the Internet, so it’s quick and simple to place an order. In no time at all, you’ll have your soap ready to distribute. The key is finding the right company.

Custom Kraft Soap Boxes

Custom Printed Kraft Soap Boxes

Before choosing a supplier, take a few moments to think about your own needs. You may only want custom printed Kraft soap boxes to go with your own bar-b-q party supplies. But if you sell them in bulk, you may need a supplier that offers multiple die-cuts per box. Die-cuts are simply a pre-shaped imprint of your company logo or message, which is placed on the bottom of each individual box. Ordering in bulk yields a big cost savings, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a company for your printing needs.

Kraft Packaging Company

When you choose a custom printed Kraft packaging company, think about the packaging itself. Will it be used to display your products directly? Or is it better to use a more traditional box? It may be helpful to look at the packaging you currently use, as this can provide an idea of what’s best. For example, a candy bar is clearly smaller than a cleaning detergent container, so you probably don’t want to order a box specifically for cleaning purposes.

Free Shipping

Many companies also offer matching add-ons like custom Kraft boxes and other accessories. Add-ons can range from soap dispensers to tissue paper holders and bottle stoppers. Many companies also offer free shipping with an order of more than two standard boxes. To get even more for your money, ask your supplier if they’ll throw in a complimentary finishing kit for free, like soap coloring and fragrance addition kits.

Packaging Decisions

Remember that your packaging decisions should always fit your brand’s marketing message. Your boxes will effectively promote your soap brand no matter how beautifully they are designed, but if they’re not complementary with your product, your branding will suffer. Customized boxes are an easy way to make sure that your marketing message is always front and center. So choose the right company today to help you design and deliver your next box.

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