Covid Certificate Verification – Identify Eligible Citizens To Travel Internationally

Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly and gaining the attention of the government all around the globe. Besides the Financial crisis, every Government has set coronavirus safety measures as the top priority. It’s been a couple of years and still, almost every country is struggling to control the spread of Covid-19. Around 45 million confirmed cases of Covid have been reported in the U.S this year so far.

Even after a strict lockdown in most countries, things are getting worse and the cause is uncertain. There are some people who are avoiding getting vaccinated from authentic labs. They have some fears like after getting a vaccine they might have physical and myths like they will die after 2 years if they get vaccinated.

These people are risking themselves and their country fellows as well. As of now, there is some additional layer of security check of the Covid test to enter into an airport, cinema, or other gathering places. People start making fake certificates to pass the security checks of Covid-19. In the initial days of the pandemic, there was no authentic way to provide Covid certificate verification. It was also a hassle for the vaccinated people to carry the vaccination document and authenticate themselves as vaccinated people.

But as technology is evolving day by day and improving the AI structures by doing more iterations. It has now become easy to identify the non-vaccinated person or the history of an infected person.

What is Coronavirus certificate verification?

Covid Certificate is documented proof that someone is fully vaccinated and successfully administered all doses of vaccines or antibodies. Verifying covid certificate is important to determine the valid people to attend large-scale gatherings or to travel internationally.

How COVID is affecting the Travelling and tourism Industry:

The Covid and lockdown have brought travel and tourism to a halt. Coronavirus has damaged the travel industry the most because of lockdown people tend to stay at home and do not prefer to travel in tourist spots because.
But the distribution of the vaccines is helping to get covid under control. Now In different places, it is allowed to travel but there is a requirement that you need to be fully vaccinated for that in order to keep yourself and your surrounding fellows safe from the most common virus(COVID).

The effect of the COVID pandemic on traveling and tourism can be considered as two main dimensions which are as follows:

Traveling Restrictions:

Since 2020, Most countries have imposed some kind of travel restrictions. Many governments are constrained to reverse the efforts to ease the restrictions on travel and tourism.

Hotel Residency:

Hotels have also been affected by the COVID pandemic and by the travel restrictions. In 2020 the proportion of people staying in hotels fell dramatically. Europe’s hotel residency ratio has recorded the lowest on a weekly average which is only 14% of occupied rooms. Whereas, the middle east has the highest hotel residency rate which is 59%.

Things need to implement to reduce the COVID ratio:

There are several things that need to be followed by all the people across the world.
First thing first, maintaining decent distance is mandatory. It is the first precaution every doctor is suggesting to maintain a 6ft distance from others as It is hard to determine who is infected or who met an infected person recently.

And the second important thing is to take 2 doses of the vaccine and take the coronavirus certificate to verify that the person is fully vaccinated, Also, Read  refund for a canceled delta flight.

Things need to worry about:

There are different people with different mentalities across the world. Due to some reasons people didn’t take the dose and made fake certificates to bypass the security layer to enter into a mall, cinema or stadium.

How Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification can help to detect fake certificates:

Artificial intelligence-based Covid-19 certificate verification using advanced methods and APIs to verify the person’s within seconds. Now organizations are using digital covid certificate verification. People do not need to stand in a queue for hours to identify that they are vaccinated or not. This model is ideal to identify the vaccinated person by providing biometric details like face or thumbprints.


To summarize the whole discussion, we are all in the crisis of pandemic and it is affecting many industries like tourism and traveling. We need to support each other and understand our responsibilities. We need to get vaccinated as soon as possible and as an organization, we need to strictly follow the SOP’s and integrate the digital covid certificate verification to quickly identify the fake certificates.

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