Common Equipment Found In Any Personal Fitness Training Facility

Personal training equipment is an essential part of any fitness facility. The availability and variety of exercise equipment allow clients to perform a broad range of exercises that target all body parts, giving them specific and measurable results. Although some personal trainers work out of their homes, most facilities will have certain pieces of equipment standard to their industry. Such equipment includes: To know more visit Relifesports.


Dumbbells are compact, easy to use, and require no special storage space. They allow you to target your biceps, triceps, and other muscles through a full range of motion, without the need for bulky machines or larger weights. Some gyms may also include adjustable dumbbells, which give you the ability to increase the amount of weight by lining up a series of disks with numbers on them.

Weightlifting Bars and Plates

Although most gyms will have dumbbells, doing every workout with only dumbbells is impractical. At some point, you’ll need to use an Olympic bar that can hold much more weight than any pair of dumbbells. There should be plates for both sides of the bar loaded to maximum capacity to go along with it. To know more, check on

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are very versatile equipment that can replace many other pieces in a personal training facility like They’re easy to grip and manipulate, allowing you to do squats, lunges, pushups, and crunches. You can throw them, catch them or bounce them on the ground. These are perfect tools to train your core balance and stability.

Jump Ropes

First of all, if you’ve never used a jump rope before, they’re extremely easy to pick up. Jumping rope is one of the best plyometric exercises to increase speed, agility and improve cardiovascular health. For some clients, jumping rope is preferable over running because of its low impact on joints – knees, hips, and ankles particularly.

Stability Balls/Half-Balls

These large inflated balls are great for providing instability throughout balancing exercises, which forces more muscles into action at once to keep you stable. You can perform pushups with these; squats; and even perform crunches on them to work your abdomen as well as low back.

Weight Vests

These provide extra weight for making exercises more challenging. This makes it ideal for building an unbreakable core, especially when combined with medicine or stability balls. You can do step-ups and lunges by holding the vest in front of you, and they’re also perfect for mountain climbers and burpees.

Step/Running Machine

You don’t need to be a runner to appreciate the benefits of running machines such as steps or treadmills. They allow you to set a pace that is leisurely enough to help warm up, loosen up and cool down after your workout – or you can use it to increase the intensity if you’re trying to ramp up your heart rate.


A landmine is a small yet extremely versatile piece of equipment that can perform many functions in one compact system. You can do deadlifts, single-arm rows, chest presses, and even hamstring curls with it. The best part about the landmine is that it takes up very little space, making them perfect for home gyms.

Ankle Weights

These are weights put around the ankles to help improve workouts or develop different muscles of their legs. They come in various weight loads, usually two pounds for each leg or five pounds per ankle. Their use is usually limited to walking, and they can be worn under socks and shoes with the excess at the back held by a strap. Ankle weights are not advisable for people with arthritis as they have a minimal impact than barbells, dumbbells, or free weights requiring more bulk motion techniques.

The equipment listed above is all products you should be familiar with when working in a personal fitness training facility. It is important to understand what they are for, how to use them, and how much they cost if you plan to operate your own business.


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