Choosing The Right Bedroom Blinds

What Is The Impact Of Blinds On The Look And Feel of Your Bedroom?

While the aesthetic impact of different blinds may vary from one bedroom to another, blinds normally look great in bedrooms. You should have opulent Roman blinds if the general theme of your bedroom features lots of gold leaf, mood lighting, and velvet. On the flip side, if your bedroom has a minimalist, airy and light look, then you should go the other way and choose modern-looking, white faux-wood blinds.

There are many types of window blinds meant for bedroom use; and, in terms of function and meeting the unique requirements of their surroundings, all types of blinds can actually work when it comes to bedrooms. As such, you have total freedom when it comes to the colour(s), pattern(s), controls, trims, and designs, of blinds you want. Check out Project Blinds for a wide selection of blinds you can choose for your home.

While some people may not agree with me, in my opinion, blinds come in just about any style you can imagine from futuristic or minimalist to traditional and period. However, the same cannot be said when it comes to curtains.

Whether they come with tie-backs and/or a pelmet or not, the tapes or hooks at the top of the way they fall, and pleat patterns, curtains certainly do come with a wide selection of styling options. However, when used in certain bedrooms – especially those featuring modern styling – curtains may appear to be somewhat dated, regardless of the style chosen.

You also have the option of using both, like using curtains, or decorative voiles, outside the window recess and blinds inside it, if you aren’t really sure which is your favorite. To make things better, you can even enjoy 100% blockage of light with such a setup.

This actually brings me to the next point.

If the light keeps interrupting my sleep, which blinds should I choose?

Blackout blinds are your best option if you are facing the above problem. However, considering that most of you actually know this, I do hope you can forgive me for stating the obvious.

In a nutshell, blinds that are specifically designed to keep external light from making its way through the material are referred to as blackout blinds – for those that didn’t know. These blinds also keep light from inside your home from seeping out as well.

Blackout blinds are not considered to be a specific style of blinds. it simply refers to blinds that feature a unique coating or blackout lining meant to give them their light-blocking properties, or blinds that are made from materials that do not allow light to pass through – examples of such materials include wood.

While some blinds are specifically designed to be a blackout in nature, any type of blind can have its own blackout variants.

You will get blinds that are originally blackout in nature if you go with wooden, faux wood, or Venetian blinds. However, you can still expect some light to pass through around the edges, and if you get the type with cords instead of ladder tapes, there are tiny bits of light leakage – the size of pinpricks – as well.

On the other hand, you can look for blackout variants of common options like day or night blinds, vertical blinds, Roman blinds, or roller blinds. However, you should not assume that these blinds are by default blackout unless this is specified in the product’s description.

Some people don’t like the full light blocking properties of blackout blinds, and are therefore not big fans of these blinds. This is due to the fact that their light-blocking capabilities can keep you from knowing whether the sun is already up or it is still nighttime when you wake up.

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