CEL-SCI CEO Geert Kersten to Be Interviewed Live Today on Clear Channel Business Talk Radio

VIENNA, VA-(Mar 25, 2014) CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE MKT: CVM) is a top research and development organization committed to making it easier to treat cancer and other illnesses through the use of our immune system has announced that its CEO Geert Kersten is scheduled to be live interviewed on the day on host Michael Yorba on Clear Channel Business Talk Radio’s The Traders Network Show. Anyone who is interested in the show can tune into the live broadcast and listen via the national broadcast iHeart Radio stream.

Management Team – Cel Sci

The details of the live interview are as below:

The Story of Clear Channel: Clear Channel’s Media and Entertainment division has the biggest reach of any television or radio channel in America with more than 243 million monthly viewers. It is a service provider to 150 cities via owned radio stations across the U.S., as well as over 140 broadcast stations throughout New Zealand and Australia. www.clearchannel.com.

Michael Yorba’s biography: Mr. Yorba is the creator Yorba Media. He is the founder of Yorba Media and featured host on Clear Channel. In the last six years, he’s produced and hosted The Traders Network Show broadcasted live every day at 1190AM on the Clear Channel in DFW between 1pm-3pm CT, from Monday to Friday.

Michael Yorba speaks to the front-page Titans on the latest developments on capital markets and CEO milestones trading tools as well as real estate acquisitions as well as market developments. Learn about the strategies used by experts strategies for managing risk to create diversified portfolios, and the steps needed to generate huge board profits. It’s a speedy and high-energy program that showcases bonds, stocks, commodities and derivatives, forex real estate, technology, trends in politics as well as crowd funding and the investment world in a different way and keeps viewers asking to know additional… Change your perspective and take part in our discussion of “tomorrow’s ideas today” on The Clear Channel’s The Traders Network Show.

Information about CEL SCI CEL-SCI dedicates itself to conducting research and development aimed towards improving treatments for cancer as well as other illnesses by using our immune system, which is the body’s defense system. The main investigational therapy that it is using can be described as Multikine (Leukocyte Interleukin Injection) which is currently being investigated in an important Clinical trial in Phase III to treat cancer of the head and neck. CEL-SCI is also in partnership with US Navy to develop Multikine as a treatment for warts on the annals of patients with HIV/HPV who are co-infected. CEL-SCI is currently looking into the possibility of an immune therapy (LEAPS-H1N1-DC) for potential treatment for patients hospitalized with H1N1 and also as a vaccine (CEL-2000) in the treatment of Rheumatoid Atheritis (currently in preclinical tests) with their LEAPS Technology Platform. The experimental immunotherapy LEAPS-H1N1 DC treatment includes non-changing H1N1 regions. Influenza Pandemic, Avian Flu (H5N1) and The Spanish Flu, as CEL-SCI scientists are worried about the possibility of the creation of a new dangerous hybrid virus via an amalgamation of H1N1 with Avian Flu or perhaps Spanish Flu. The company has operations located in Vienna, Virginia, and close to Baltimore, Maryland.

Multikine is the trademark CEL-SCI have registered to market this treatment, and the proprietary brand name will be subject to FDA examination in relation to the upcoming regulatory submission to be approved. Multikine is not granted a license or approval to be sold, bartered or trade by FDA nor any other agency. Additionally, its safety and effectiveness has not been proven for any purpose. Additionally, no definitive conclusion could be inferred from preliminary clinical trials that have been collected on the treatment being investigated Multikine (Leukocyte Interleukin injection). More research is needed, in addition to early phase clinical trial findings need to be confirmed by the controlled, Phase III clinical trial for this experimental therapy being conducted.

In this release when used in this release, the terms “intends,” “believes,” “anticipated” and “expects” and similar expressions are meant to denote forward-looking statements. These statements are subject uncertainties and risks which can cause the actual results to be different from what was anticipated. Factors that could trigger or contribute to the existence of such variations include the inability to replicate results of clinical studies, the timely development of any product that are proven to be safe and effective, obtaining the required regulatory approvals, challenges in the manufacturing of all of its possible products, the inability to raise enough capital, and the risks and uncertainties that are described at times within CEL-SCI Corporation’s SEC filings, which include but not only its 10-K report for the year that ended September 30 in 2013. The Company does not undertake any obligation to release publicly the results of any changes to these forward-looking statements that could be made to reflect events or circumstances that have occurred after the date of this document as well as to account for the impact of events not expected to occur.

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