Boom Bluetooth  Speaker: Best for your outdoor party

For an outdoor party, you have to set the speaker that has quite a loud volume facility. Along with all of your other stuff, party speakers are quite essential for entertainment and to make your party memorable. 

Well, boom Bluetooth speaker from soundcore has expertise in this regard. Some spectacular aspects of Trance Go are explained below.

Trance Go speakers 

  • Sound 

With a huge volume capacity of 98dB, it produces captivating sound. These woofers will make rich sounds without distortion. It does not require charging frequently. You can simply press and listen to your favorite music at the party and make it remarkable.

  You can also add a SoundCore BeatLight B32 LED light strip to add even more color to your party. It is an RGB+ light to give a colorful impression of your party and make it look accessorized. The LED strip lights synchronize with the beats of your music.

  • Battery Life 

It can provide you best audio quality for 24 hours after one charge. You can go for multiple parties on the whole, along with this spectacular gadget. It does not require setting cables to turn on or off. You simply have to press the button and set the music on your smartphone.


The best part of these speakers is their facility for charging other devices. During an outdoor party, when you can’t find any charging outlet, these speakers will be a blessing. You can charge your phone from its built-in USB port. It can charge your phone while playing music on it. 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity 

The wireless connection with your makes these speakers better. You can connect to two smartphones with it and play the perfect mix-up of playlists from both phones. Perfect switching and accurate connectivity are quite attractive aspects of trance Go speakers by soundscore.


With these products by SoundCore, you do not need to worry about the atmosphere at your party. These speakers will take your party to a whole new level. 


You can enjoy the party without worrying about your speakers’ safety. The best part is, you’ll get all these advantages at a budget-friendly price.

  • Protection against water

With IPX7 water protection, boom speakers are at another level. With full protection against water, you are allowed to place the speaker in the pool as it floats on the water. If the speakers interact with water, you do not have to freak out. 


You can drop the speakers into the water while swimming. They’ll float on water and not stop working. So enjoy your whole day without keeping notice of battery down or water protection.


  • Perfect for each party 

The trance Go speakers can perform spectacular performances for outdoor as well as indoor parties with your family. You can carry these speakers from the handle over it easily. The party with the family will be memorable when they play your folk songs at a perfect volume.


Download the application of soundscore for customization of features of the speaker. It also provides the facility of switching between different modes according to your environment. 


You can play, change and mix up songs from more than one phone. For a perfect family party, you just have to set up your phone with the speaker, and it will make the most balanced sound for a joyful party.


Check out the official website of the soundscore to get affordable gadgets that fit into your budget. Get your favorite ones at home with the best shipping time and customer service. 

Install the application of Soundcore to customize the features of the speakers. You can handle most of the functions on your phone.

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