Advantages of LEDs for High Mast Tower Lights

LEDs are the most energy-efficient lights on the market, but how do you know which one is best for you? This article discusses some of the advantages of LEDs, including higher CRI values, remote control, and durability. Learn more about the advantages of LEDs for high mast tower lights. After reading this article, you should be well-prepared to purchase an LED high mast tower light. Listed below are some of the reasons why LEDs are the best choice for your high mast tower light project.

LEDs are more energy efficient than HIDs

In addition to their long-lasting, energy-efficient lifespans, LEDs also have many other benefits. High mast lights with LEDs can be installed at great heights and have a much wider range of light than traditional lighting technologies. These benefits make LED high mast lights a great choice for high-altitude applications. They also have lower maintenance and repair costs. Whether you’re looking for high-altitude tower lighting or other commercial applications, LED high mast lights can provide you with a brighter, more consistent illumination that’s safe and secure.

When choosing LED high mast lights, remember that they have a lower wattage and are weatherproof. If you’re purchasing high mast lights for a warehouse, you can select those with an IP65 or higher rating. Furthermore, LED high mast lights are also highly durable and rarely need to be repaired, which makes them an excellent option for warehouses. LEDs can withstand loads of materials and require little maintenance, while HIDs need frequent repair and replacement.

They have higher CRI values

LED lighting systems are ideal for high-mast applications. They can replace 1000-watt HPS, HID, or metal halide fixtures and provide light outputs of 16,000-40,000 lm. LEDs produce a CRI of 70 to 95. A CRI around 95 is important for nighttime visibility and can reduce energy costs by up to $8000 per light annually. They are also environmentally friendly and can be installed in existing facilities for up to nine years.

To be able to meet these requirements, LED lights must be of a higher CRI value than HID high mast lighting. LED high mast tower lights have a longer lifespan than conventional lights, and they require less maintenance than their metal halide counterparts. A typical MECREE high mast light is rated to last 80000 hours, which is 43 years if used five hours a day. If you need to replace a high mast light, contact a professional manufacturer of LED high mast lighting. MECREE can provide one-stop service for all of your lighting needs.

They can be controlled from a distance

High mast lighting systems are composed of a mast structure, headframe, and luminaires. These parts can either be mobile or fixed. Mobile headframe systems can be lowered to the ground for maintenance purposes. A latching mechanism holds the entire headframe. Fixed headframe systems have rungs or motorized lift systems. This is ideal for areas where the lighting system is not visible from the ground.

Some high mast lighting systems can be controlled remotely. A remote control feature is available through the Internet. This feature allows facility managers to control and dim high mast lights from a distance. The internet connection is required to use the remote control feature. In addition, CRI, or the color rendering index, determines the brightness of light. If the CRI is less than a certain level, the light will appear dim and dimmer.

They are more durable than HIDs

LEDs have many advantages for high mast lighting systems, including the ability to withstand the harshest conditions. LEDs are composed of semiconductor materials and generate light through electroluminescence, unlike HIDs. They also don’t contain any harmful gases or loose filaments. LEDs are extremely durable and can stand up to the elements without a long warm-up period. LEDs are available in various color temperatures from 2,700K to 7,000K. Some LED varieties are dimmable, allowing the user to adjust the intensity of the light.

Another advantage of LEDs over HIDs is their long lifecycle. LED lights have a lifespan of 50 thousand hours, which is almost double the life span of HID models. In addition, LEDs are also much cooler to operate, resulting in lower heat and fewer chances for accidental burns. With so many advantages, choosing LED lighting for high mast lighting systems is an excellent decision. For more information, visit the High Mast Lighting Association.

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