A review of Curfew law in Colorado

As humans, we love to be free to move around anytime we want, without any fear. However, due to high crime rates in some areas, and location unrest, the government needs to impose some curfew laws in some cities. One of the popular cities in America that has set some curfew laws in the past and present is Colorado. Some of the curfew laws in Colorado are for a period, while some are constant ones. Let’s take a look at some of the curfew laws in Colorado. Learn about Colorado springs curfew here.

  • What is the primary curfew law in colorado?

In Colorado, there is no curfew law binding the adults. However, for the teens, there’s one curfew law that binds them for a stipulated period. According to this law, a teen who’s just got a driving license shouldn’t be seen driving between 12 midnight and 5 am. These hours are prohibited for a teenage driver within the first year of getting the permit. That means, after a year, the teen has the freedom of any adult in the state. This is the primary curfew law that exists in colorado. In Colorado Springs, the time is between 10 pm and 6 am from Sunday to Thursday and 12 midnight and 6 am on the other days.

A review of Curfew law in Colorado
A review of Curfew law in Colorado
  • Exceptions to Colorado curfew law

While Colorado is strict with its curfew laws to protect the teens, there are some exceptions. If any of the following occurs, the teen wouldn’t be penalized by the law;

  1. If the teenager is on the road at the time because of an emergency.
  2. If another driver with a valid driving license of over a year is in the vehicle. 3. If the teenager is driving with a parent or guardian
  3. If the teenager is responsible for their actions (no guardian).
  • What are the temporary curfew laws that have existed in Colorado?

As explained above, the curfew law in Colorado is for teens and teens alone. While the state is not known for having many curfew laws, the state has implemented some temporary curfew laws in the past. One of these curfew laws came when the George Floyd homicide case was heated. Because of the aggravation of the public, there were reports of violence and protests at different locations. Because of this, there was a curfew in June 2020, from the third day to the eighth day. Another curfew law came in 2020 to curtail COVID-19’s spread. This curfew lasted between November 8 and December 7, 2020. These curfews affected everyone, both young and old.

  • What are the purposes of the curfew laws?

The primary purpose of curfew laws in any state, including Colorado, is to ensure the safety of its citizens. For instance, a teen driver who’s not had a year of experience may not fully understand how to drive in the middle of the night. That way, they’ll be putting themselves in

danger, as well as others. The temporary curfew laws in 2020 were also aimed at keeping the citizens of Colorado safe and sound.

  • What are the consequences of violating curfew laws in colorado?

In most cases, the consequences a teen will face for violating the curfew law will vary per jurisdiction. Most of the time, however, it’s usually a fine that can be as low as $125 and as high as $1000, depending on the jurisdiction.

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