8 Crucial Video Editing Tips Everyone Should Know

If you’re looking to improve your video editing outputs quickly then sometimes a few tips can come in handy. Of course, you still need to give yourself time to learn and get comfortable with the tools. Although, a few tips can jumpstart the experience for you. Moreover, working with an online video editor from the best, like this company, will halve the learning curve. 

Top 8 Tips For Video Editing 

Video creation comes in all shapes in sizes. You probably know instinctively when you see a great video online. Perhaps it’s the music that grabs you. Or maybe it’s the engaging images and footage Whatever it is, there are things going on in the background that you can use to create videos with the same impact. These tips may help you get started: 

1- Check the story 

First and foremost, when you make a video you have to tell a story. Even if you’re simply showcasing a product for your business to be more searchable on Google, your video needs to have a flow. Furthermore, the best video clips are the ones that appeal to our emotions. You can easily enhance the mood of your videos with an online video editor by adding special features and music and so get that ‘wow factor.

2- Choose the right tools 

If you decide to do your own video editing, you need a video editor that guarantees professional-looking video clips. Make sure to have the right settings and options to edit videos properly. 

It’s also worth pointing out that you can start by choosing the right templates to work with from your video maker. This makes it much simpler for you to create videos with a fixed structure and style. 

3- Don’t overcut 

Many beginners seem to love jump cuts when they first make a video. They’re a simple way to go from one scene to another. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it with your video otherwise your audience might feel like they’re in a live whac-a-mole rendition. 

4- Separate and fix audio 

When you start video editing, you might notice that your audio is out of sync with your images. In that case, you’ll want to separate your audio and video tracks on your editor dashboard. From there, you can edit accordingly. 

5- Remove incomplete transitions 

If you include fade-ins and outs in your video, every once in a while you might notice some strange effects. This can happen when the first section isn’t long enough for the transition to happen so it jumps. Again,  zoom in on the specific section and simply extend it so it can cope with the transition. 

6- Resize as appropriate 

Video editors often find that their video clips show the subject with too much space in the background. Or sometimes there’s an offending pipe or another object that you couldn’t remove while filming. This is when the cropping option in the online video editor comes in handy. As you freeze the frame, you can crop to resize it so that the background object is cut out. 

7- Organize your files and use shortcuts

One of the first things anyone will tell you when it comes to video editing is that you need to be organized. As you edit videos, you’ll end up with various versions and it can quickly get confusing. So, make sure you set up your library of media and audio files according to type and date. You’ll then save a lot of time when you want to upload the relevant clips into your online video editor. 

Another useful tip to increase your efficiency when you upload videos for free is to get keyboard shortcuts. This will show you where all your video editing options are such that you can access them with one click. Whilst a mouse is a useful tool, it can get tiring and inefficient over time. 

8- Back up your files 

If you’re serious about video editing then you’ll want to apply the 321 rule. Essentially, make sure you have 3 copies from your video editor that you then back up on 2 different media devices with a copy off-site for any emergencies. This might sound like overkill but as anyone who works with software knows, things go wrong and devices lose things. Better be safe than sorry. 

Key Takeaways for Maximizing your Online Video Editor 

Video editing is about getting the right video clips to your targeted audience. An online video editor offers enough tools for you to create a great video. So use those features and effects to tidy up both your audio and video files. 

Then, make sure you have a story that can appeal to your audience such that they remember you and want to come back for more. Finally, remember to be organized and to stay on top of your workflow and any social media campaigns you choose to run. From there, everything will become easier and you’ll be a pro before you know it. 


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