5 Upholstered Restaurant Chair Trends

If you’ve chosen upholstered chairs for your restaurant then you’ve probably picked out the colors to match the restaurant décor, and selected suitable fabrics. But like other types of furniture, art, and fashion, there are upholstered restaurant chair trends. Restaurant chairs go in and out of style. If you have dated furniture in your establishment then it will make your restaurant look old-fashioned and less appealing. So you might consider doing some research and choosing one of the latest trends in restaurant furniture and chairs in particular. Give your restaurant a make-over and stay current and relevant. Just like the food you serve, your restaurant furniture needs to be current, inspirational, and aesthetically pleasing. To give you a head start, here is a break-down of the top trending upholstered restaurant chairs for this year.

  • Extra Wide Button Tufted Parsons Wood Restaurant Chair 

This wonderful restaurant chair has sturdy wooden legs that support a fabric or vinyl covered seat and backrest. The back is particularly high for a char which adds an element of comfort rarely found in restaurant chairs. But what really adds to the chair’s elegance is the button tufted feature on the backrest. The seat is extra wide but does lack armrests. Instead the back gently curves down towards the seat. The Extra Wide Button-Tufted Parsons Chair comes in gray fabric or black vinyl, and the wooden frame is solid mahogany stained in a walnut-wood hue.

  • Cantilever Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

This is the most commercial chair on this list. Unlike the other trending upholstered chairs on this list it would fit in quite comfortably in a casual restaurant rather than a high-end fine dining establishment. The Cantilever Chair has a light and sculptured form and stands out from other chairs because it does not have the traditional four legs. Instead it has a molded metal frame created from a single piece of metal. The tubular steel legs curve down to the two front corners of the chair and create a base on the floor beneath the chair. So that it doesn’t have or need back legs. The metal has a black powder-coated finish and the seat and back are upholstered in padded fabric or vinyl.

  • Coffee Bean Club Chair

This stylish chair has a black metal frame and is upholstered in padded vinyl. It usually comes in a dark color like coffee brown, hence the name. What makes this trendy restaurant chair stand out from others is the thick indulgent padding, and the uniquely angled legs that form an A on either side of the seat. With the Coffee Bean Club Chair you get the ultimate comfort, style, and elegance. This chair is suitable for welcoming cafes, and restaurants that are aiming for a men’s club feel. 

  • Upholstered Needle-Leg Restaurant Chairs

The Needle-Leg Chair has a similar look to the Coffee Bean Club Chair but it is slightly more conservative. As the name suggests it has thin tapered legs. This is a classic design that is timeless and will still be relevant in years to come. The chair has clean, simple lines, and is both functional and aesthetic. There are no unnecessary elements to this chair. It offers customers a wide seat, and rounded back supported by the tapered legs. The steel frame is finished in a black powder paint and is popular in green, terracotta, or brown fabric upholstery. The Needle-Leg Chair will look at home in any elegant restaurant, club, or café.

  • Mid-Century Upholstered Armchair

The last trending restaurant chair on our list is the Midcentury Upholstered Arm Chair. It is suitable for stylish fine dining restaurants but could fit just as well in casual eating establishments. Why? Well it is extremely sturdy and durable and upholstered in padded vinyl that would be easy to wipe down and keep clean, even if the restaurant hosts young customers, families, or simply has heavy foot-traffic. The chair’s seat and back has high armrests, which is why it is classified as an armchair rather than simply a chair. For this reason it would also fit in beautifully in a cozy café, or restaurant with the ambiance of a men’s club. The chair has a black metal frame and legs, plus a tailored square pattern back design to add extra style. The chair usually comes in a smokey brown or black vinyl.

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