5 Facts That Everyone Must To About Bajaj EMI Card

The Bajaj EMI card is a shopping card that gives you access to an unsecured loan of up to 4 lakhs. It is widely accepted both online and offline. You can make large purchases and pay them off easily in equal monthly instalments. The Bajaj Finserv card is the most convenient way to make more expensive purchases without breaking the bank. Using and managing the card is very straightforward. If you want to know more, read on:

Application process

The application process is very easy and transparent. You can apply for EMI card both offline as well as online. Bajaj Finserv has over 60,000 affiliate stores located in big and small towns and cities across the country. To apply offline, you must purchase an item at one of these stores. Simply pick your favourite Bajaj Finserv partner store and go there with the required KYC documents.

Choose what you want to buy and then apply for the card. The documentation that is needed is your PAN card, proof of address, cancelled cheque, ECS form and photo. After applying for the card, if approved, you can pay for the purchase through the card and continue to use it for other purchases. The online application process is even more simple than the offline process. If you want to apply for an EMI card, you need to go to the Bajaj Finserv website and find the application page. You will be taken through the approval process once you enter your details.

Repayment process

The Bajaj Finserv card is straightforward to use and also easy to repay. The card does not enforce a repayment tenure. You can make your purchase and choose to pay for it over a period ranging from 3 months to 24 months. So, if you want to clear the loan quickly, you can pay a higher instalment every month. If you want the repayment to be easier and lighter on your purse, opt for a long tenure with smaller payments.

The repayment can be done through the app or the Bajaj EMI Card login web portal. Another great feature of the Bajaj Finserv EMI card is that it does not penalise a loan foreclosure after you have paid 6 instalments. So, if you want to reduce your credit outstanding, you can do so without losing any money in the process. Managing the transactions and EMIs is incredibly easy through the online portal or app. 

Purchasing process

You can use the Bajaj Finserv card both online and offline. Just walk into your favourite store and select the items that you want. Pay for the items with your Bajaj EMI card and take your purchase home. You choose the tenure of the loan repayment and pay it off in easy instalments every month. To make a purchase, you can use the card through a card swipe machine. If you prefer the digital card, all you have to do is give your card number to the merchant and authenticate the amount through the phone OTP process. You can also pay through the Bajaj Wallet app and Bajaj EMI Card login. The card can also be used online just as you would any other digital payment system. All transactions have to be authenticated through the use of OTP security. 

Managing your card

You do not have to call or visit any office to manage your card. The company has both an online portal as well as an app that allows you to manage all aspects of your card and transactions. You can also view the available balance and the details of the purchases already made through the card. The Bajaj EMI Card login and app allow you to check the coming EMI schedule and set reminders for yourself. It is simple, easy and practical to use. 

Shopping offers

The EMI card helps you take advantage of the best deals online as they are happening. Never miss out on a bargain because you do not have cash in hand. Many online and offline stores offer additional discounts and benefits for customers who pay with a Bajaj Finserv card. You can also shop at the Bajaj Online EMI store. This is a huge online store that rivals the leading sellers in the market. But, it is especially for Bajaj Finserv cardholders to shop and enjoy great benefits. The store sells a vast range of big-ticket goods. The deep discounts and wide range of refrigerators, laptops, smartphones, air conditioners and many more essentials delight shoppers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for EMI card from Bajaj today and avail of these five significant benefits. The card makes all purchases for yourself and your home affordable. You can buy what you need without the stress of upfront cash and pay off the loan quickly. Online or offline, the Bajaj Finserv card is your best partner in shopping. 

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