5 Common Essential Oil Diffuser Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

Did you know that the tradition of diffusing essential oils dates back to 2500 B.C. in ancient civilizations of the Middle East and Asia?

The technology and principles of today’s diffusers can be traced back around 140 B.C. in studies documenting early European methods of inhalation.

The fact that Aromatherapy continues to evolve shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the practice! Make sure you are fully informed by learning some essential oil diffuser mistakes to avoid when you get started.

Are you new to essential oils and want to make sure you use your diffuser safely and effectively? Keep reading for a list of common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not Using the Proper Diffuser Oil Ratio

When using a diffuser, it is important to use the correct ratio of the types of essential oils to the water. This ratio will vary depending on the type of diffuser you are using, so be sure to consult your diffuser’s instructions.

If you use too much essential oil, your diffuser may become clogged and stop working properly. Additionally, using too much essential oil can result in an overwhelming and unpleasant smell.

  1. Not Cleaning Your Diffuser Regularly

It is important to clean oil diffusers regularly, especially if you are using it frequently. Over time, build-up from the essential oils can clog your diffuser and reduce its efficiency.

Most diffusers come with instructions on how to clean them, so be sure to follow those instructions. There are also different types of diffusers, be sure to know the difference between reed vs electric oil diffusers.

  1. Using Expired Essential Oils

Essential oils can expire, just like any other type of oil. When using expired essential oils in your diffuser, you may not get the desired effect and the oil may smell unpleasant.

Additionally, expired essential oils can actually damage your diffuser, so it is important to only use fresh oils.

  1. Not Placing Your Diffuser in the Proper Location

The location of your diffuser is important to consider for a few reasons. First, diffusers can be quite loud, so you’ll want to place them in a location where the noise won’t be a bother.

Additionally, some diffusers release a lot of heat, so you’ll want to avoid placing them near any flammable materials. Finally, be sure to place your diffuser out of reach of children and pets as some¬†oil diffuser scents are not child or pet friendly.

  1. Applying Too Much Oil

Essential oils are powerful and concentrated. A little goes a long way! It is common for new users to make the mistake of applying too much oil, which can lead to skin irritation, headaches, and nausea.

If you are new to using essential oils, start with just a few drops. You can always add more if you need to, but it is difficult to remove excess oil once it has been applied.

When diffusing essential oils, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Using too much oil in your diffuser can cause it to overheat and break, and can also lead to respiratory problems if inhaled.

Essential Oil Diffuser Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re new to diffusing essential oils, avoid making common mistakes that can decrease the effectiveness of your diffuser or cause other problems.

Make sure to clean your diffuser regularly, use the¬†proper diffuser oil ratio, store the diffuser in their proper location and don’t use too much oil. With proper care, your diffuser can provide many benefits.

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