World Cup 2022: France reaches the playoffs with confidence

After a very tense and exciting game until the end, on 26.11.2022, the French team beat Denmark 2-1 in Group D at the World Cup in Qatar. The company ibet789 gives its customers the opportunity to bet on all matches of the 2022 World Cup and earn real money. The hero was Kylian Mbappé who scored two goals.

The course of the match

These were Kylian Mbappé’s thirteenth and fourteenth goals in his last twelve matches for France. They made the team first in this championship with a set of points after two matches, and it also reached the playoffs.

The players of Didier Deschamps spent an hour trying to find a way to a well-organized opponent’s defense. It was achieved in the 61st minute when, after a magnificent interaction between Theo Hernandez and Kylian Mbappé, the latter scored a goal. It seemed that from that moment the Danish national team affairs should have gone down the drain, but Andreas Christensen scored the first goal of the game after one of the corners and it equalized the score. Both teams had one more chance, but in the end, the French won, because during the last minutes, after a good pass by Antoine Griezmann, Mbappé scored the second goal. By the way, you can place your bet on the national team of any country in the world on ibet 789.

So, the statistical table of goals according to the results of the France-Denmark match looks like this:

  • 1:0 Kylian Mbappé – 61 minutes;
  • 1:1 Andreas Christensen – 68 minutes;
  • 2-1 Kylian Mbappé – 86 minutes.

Four years ago, both teams also played in the group. Then, the two teams ended in a zero draw. In Qatar, the Danes were left with nothing and must fight to get out of the group in the last round.

Analysis of the game

France had a definite advantage in the statistics. It is worth remembering the first half, where Danes had only two accurate shots. France, in addition to a great goal by Mbappé, who shot from several meters, had some interesting maneuvers. Raphaël Varane was close after a corner kick. After the break, there was only more emotion, but primarily, the fans saw the most important goals in soccer. And we remind you that on ibet789 slot you can make your own predictions on matches, while having fun and earning money. On the other hand, if players of both teams had been more efficient, more goals could have been scored. Even with the score 0-0, a fantastic opportunity was missed by Griezmann, who at full speed received the ball from deep in the field, overtook the defender, but shot into the stands. Twenty minutes before the end, Hugo Llaurice responded with a spectacular rebound from Jesper Lindström, and later, Martin Braithwaite missed a great opportunity.

Adrien Rabiot could also have scored the tournament goal, but he failed. You can watch your favorite soccer players and make a slot  on ibet789 in 24/7 mode.

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