WordPress vs Wix: Which One is Best?

Wix has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. You may have heard of it through advertisements featuring famous film and internet stars building their own Wix websites.

However, a celebrity endorsement doesn’t make a site superior to another. While Wix gets some points for being easy and user-friendly, the fact is that WordPress has a variety of features that make it the superior and more popular platform by far.

Would you like to hear about some of those features? Here is your guide to WordPress vs. Wix.

What is WordPress?

WordPress, developed in 2003, is a Content Management System (CMS). This means that it is software that allows you to create, edit, publish, and manage your web content through a preset framework.

WordPress is highly customizable, with many plug-ins available to improve website performance. These include SEO plug-ins, eCommerce plug-ins, analytics plug-ins, etc. WordPress also has a variety of themes and templates to work with.

If you’re willing to learn to code, you can take customization to another level. This requires you to do some learning which makes WordPress a little more complicated. However, it’s worth it for the amount of control you have over your site.

And if you need help, you can hire a WordPress web development company to help with WordPress website design and configuration.

What is Wix?

While Wix does have some components of a CMS, it mainly functions as a website builder. Website builders are known for being easy to use. No coding is required, and all you have to do is make use of the visual drag-and-drop editor.

Sites like Wix are popular for those who want an easy website up and running quickly. Some have said it works best for someone building their first website who knows nothing about code or design. However, Wix is missing many key features only available in WordPress that make the latter site much more worth the time and effort.

WordPress Vs. Wix

While WordPress does seem more complicated to use, it’s worth it for the control and freedom of customization that it offers. Customizing Wix isn’t so simple.

Once you’ve chosen a theme template for Wix, that will remain your template forever. With WordPress, you are free to make changes whenever you feel it is necessary. And while WordPress has over 58,000 plug-ins available, Wix only has over 200, which means you cannot alter functions the way you can in WordPress.

WordPress carries several other strengths over Wix, including an easier writing interface, easier to manage comment section, superior SEO capability, and generally better blog performance. It’s also worth noting that WordPress is free, while the only free version of Wix gives further limitations than the ones that already exist.

While Wix may seem like a great first website choice, it’s ultimately going to prove costly and have too many limitations. And to top it all off, while WordPress makes moving to another platform an easy process, Wix makes moving platforms quite complicated.

This explains why WordPress remains the most popular website platform with 41.3% usage. This towers over Wix, which is only at 1.6%. It’s all because WordPress has proven itself the superior platform.

More Website Design Tips

This comparison of WordPress vs. Wix shows that WordPress stands as the superior website building service. If you’re willing to do the learning, or if you hire a site development company, you will see the clear superiority of WordPress over Wix. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

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