Why is the AC running but not cooling?

Air conditioners cater for evacuating hot and arid air. Meanwhile, it alters the torrid heat plus makes the innards cool. Not only that, BUT the AC ALSO filters out any contaminated air particles. Thus, it functions to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration. Air conditioners also prevent the risk of various air and lung diseases. 

Apart from that, what if your AC is running subtly and you’re sweating heavily? It is most likely that the air conditioner is out of service. If it is so, then you have hit it right. This article will find the potential reasons for an out-of-order AC. It also includes how to fix the problem in no time. Keep reading the description mentioned next. 

  • Filthy air filter: 

Your split air conditioner isn’t cooling the room or car but keeps running because the air filters are unclean. Any dirt or dust-clogged air filters will act as a blockage to the cool air and the hot air for converting. Furthermore, the dirty filter may lead to the evaporator coil freeing, which halts the cooling to vent away. 

  • Refrigerant leakage: 

Another prime reason for no AC cooling is a leak in the refrigerant. As the chemical coolant is inevitable for cooling thus, even a single hole can be troublesome. The primary purpose of coolant is to move the hot air out and give off cooling. However, the refrigerant leakage can halt all the air conditioner processing. In short, the AC won’t draw heat or dampness if the coolant is leaking. You can also get help from ac repair dubai.

  • Off-based thermostat setting:

 If the AC is running normally and there is no cooling, it might be due to the incorrect setting. An AC regulator is the essential component to draw hot air and convert it to cool air. However, it can malfunction to provide a bare minimum or no cooling when set irrationally. 

  • Non-operative motor:

 In the case of a non-functional motor, the AC cant provide enough cooling. Usually, the air conditioner fan works to take the warm or hot air toward the condenser. As soon as the circulated air arrives at the converter, it is cooled down immediately. Besides, if the motor of this cooling fan is old or worn out, it won’t cool the warm air, and the air conditioner will run without cooling the room. 

  • Dirty AC units: 

Dirty AC units play a significant role in curbing the air conditioning working. The dirty units packed with dust particles halt the passage of cool air. In addition, both inside and outside units can affect the function of AC if not cleansed thoroughly. Firstly, if it lays uncleaned for a while, the evaporator won’t absorb the hot air and won’t even pass it out. Also, when clogged entirely, the condenser will block the air transfer. 

Methods to fix the out of order AC:

Keeping in view the above air conditioning tie-ups, some methods are perfect for fixing the AC problems. Here we have come up with the most effective ways to make your split AC cool the room. 

  • Maintain your AC by thoroughly cleansing the units like the condenser, compressor, and evaporator. For better results, replace the air filters when they are worn out.
  • Adjust the AC thermostat setting. If the AC is not cooling, try to reset the thermostat to auto mode. It will work for sure.
  • Finally, if you’re done with the above two methods, get your air conditioner checked by some reliable repair service. 


In closing, the AC cooling issue discourse, it is evident that an air conditioner is most likely to function smoothly when you maintain it. Although an untreated split blower can be up-to-the-mark, yet care is mandatory. Keep the unit neat and clean more often. Regularly check the propeller if it shows some malfunctioning. In short, you can also seek the company’s service if it suits you.


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