When it comes to Laser Tattoo Removal, how long does it take?

A tattoo is thought to be permanent by many people. And besides, ink is deposited into the layers of your skin throughout the procedure. It is actually quite easy to remove that ink. The Wellness One Day Surgery Center a laser tattoo removal center in Abu Dhabi can completely erase it if you do have an old tattoo that you no longer desire. If you no longer like that ink, you don’t have to live with it forever.   Make a laser tattoo removal appointment today to get it removed. 

How does tattoo removal work? 

The process of removing tattoos can be done easily and effectively, but it takes some time to do so.  They will give you an estimate of how long it will take to remove your tattoo completely, once you initially come in for a consultation at the laser tattoo removal clinic of Wellness One Day Surgery Center. Get the best tattoo aftercare products from here or consult some expert. 

The time it takes is determined by a variety of circumstances, it’s crucial to keep in mind though, that this is merely an estimate. On average, people need anywhere from 6 to 10 sessions to completely remove their tattoos, and these sessions are scheduled approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart. 

We’ll discuss some of the different factors that can affect how long it takes to remove your tattoo.

Location of the Tattoo 

Your tattoo’s location has an impact on how swiftly it can be erased. The tattoo can usually be erased more quickly and successfully the closer it is to your heart. Moreover, tattoos are simplest to remove from areas of the body with a high lymph node count, such as the face and neck, chest, upper back, and arms. Tattoos located lower on the body contain fewer blood and lymph nodes, so removing them takes longer.

Skin Tone

As a result of laser removal, ink particles from deep within the layers of skin are removed. The laser must be aimed towards the ink rather than the skin, to accomplish this. The laser accomplishes this in part by focusing on the colors of the tattoo; it is primarily done when the ink and the skin have higher contrast. 

In other words, the lighter your skin is, the easier it is to remove a tattoo. It is still possible to remove tattoos from darker skin tones, it just takes a little longer, don’t worry.

Depth of Ink

Ink is injected at several layers within the skin when you receive a tattoo. The ink tends to go deeper into the skin when you get a tattoo applied by a professional. As a result, your tattoo will look more prominent, but it will also take more time to remove than an amateur or simple stick-and-poke.


The duration and effectiveness of your laser removal depend on how well you care for your tattoo after you have it and how well it heals. A needle is repeatedly stabbed into your skin when you receive a tattoo. Acne Scars is more likely to form if you don’t care for your tattoo carefully after it’s been applied. If a tattoo is removed from scar tissue, the procedure may take longer and can be more difficult.

The Ink Color

Lighter ink colors should be easier to remove than darker ink colors, right? That is not the case, however. Dark ink on light skin is the simplest to erase with laser removal since there is a clear contrast between the hues of ink and skin. The removal of light-colored ink, such as yellows, greens, and blues, is more challenging. With the progress of lasers, it only takes a little longer when It used to be very difficult to remove. 

Types of Ink

To achieve the correct pigment, most tattoo artists mix their own inks. Various compounds are contained in various types of ink. Because some compounds are more responsive to laser removal than others, the rate at which the tattoo is removed might be affected.

Age of Tattoo 

Tattoos deteriorate and sink into the skin over time. It is generally easier to remove older tattoos that are faded than it is to remove more recent tattoos.

Tattoo Dimensions 

One of the most essential considerations in determining how long it would take to completely erase an undesired tattoo is its dimension. The smaller the tattoo, the faster it will be removed. It will be faster to erase a smaller tattoo.

Healthy Immune System 

Your body handles the task of removing all the shattered ink particles after each laser removal session. Macrophages, which consume and eliminate foreign bodies, are used by your immune system to remove the disintegrated ink particles and through lymph nodes, they are transported out of the body.  This procedure will go faster when you have a strong immune system than if you have a weak immune system.

Exposure to the Sun

You can’t have laser therapy if your skin is burnt. The tattoo will be more difficult to erase if you are currently tanned. You must avoid exposure to the sun before, during, and after the procedure, if you’re having a tattoo removed.  Make sure the area being treated is completely covered if you can’t escape the sun. 

What is the Procedure for Laser Hair Removal? 

One of the laser tattoo removal specialists will direct a laser over the tattooed part of your body, during a laser removal session. Unlike many lasers we are familiar with, the lasers utilized in this treatment do not emit a steady beam of light. This laser produces very quick pulses of light energy instead.

The ink particles absorb each pulse of light that passes through the skin. The ink particles break up into tiny ink pieces as they absorb the lillness ght energy. The immune system’s macrophages can eliminate the ink particles once they’ve been broken into fragments.

Get Rid of Your Tattoo 

You shouldn’t have to live with the past inscribed on your skin, whether it’s an ex-lover’s name you regret permanently tattooing on your flesh or an old phrase or design that no longer connects with you. You can erase your undesired tattoos and break free from the past with the best laser tattoo removal doctor at Wellness One Day Surgery Center. The confidence you can gain from clear skin is something you deserve. Getting over your past mistakes and old ink should not stop you from moving forward with your life.  Contact Wellness One Day Surgery Center at 02 6940000 with any queries or to schedule a laser tattoo removal consultation.

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