What to do when you want to start your blog all over again?

Here is the scenario, you might have only had one blog at one point or you might have abandoned one of your blogs over time. You intended to continue commenting after you stopped, but you never did. Since then, the blog has gone for days, weeks, months, and possibly even years without receiving any new content. It may even have a few RSS subscribers, but it still gets a small amount of traffic from the rare visitor or two. And you want to start blogging again, but are unsure as to what to do and how to revive the blog. We will guide you through some of the steps that will help you on your journey.

1.   Start promoting your blog on social media platforms

It will take some time to establish an editorial calendar and begin posting blog entries. Don’t wait till then to act. While you wait, begin promoting your blog right away. Start posting content you create for your social media platforms. For this, you can utilize either your personal account or particular social media profiles created for your website. Create accounts straight away on all the major social media platforms if you don’t already have them.

2.   Refr

To assist you in keeping a neat and well-organized website, many developers employ the WP Reset plugin. Not only that, but this plugin is perfect for those who want to make a fresh start with their blog. It  is one of the most popular choices among bloggers and programmers.

The following are the most interested features of the plugin for renewing a blog:

  • Installation of your preferred plugins with just one click – Make a note of the plugins and themes you use the most after you’ve reset your site, then install them straight immediately.
  • The ‘Nuclear’ Option: Do you need to restart? You’ll be taken care of with this plugin. You can delete all options, files, custom databases, and tables with this option.

3.   Keep your readers updated

While you are busy recreating and modernizing your website, don’t forget to communicate the change to your potential visitors using tools such as UnderConstructionPage. This tool provides another way of generating interest for your blog.

4.   Rid your blog of errors and lost traffic


Reniwing a blog can be a much easier job then starting from scratch, if done right. With domain name picking, hosting and other things already taken care of, your only worry is how to revitilize the site. We hope that our tips will guide you in that process and insure a successful renewal.

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