What is a Horn Bet in Craps? Effective Horn Bet Craps Betting Strategies

Are you looking to take your craps game up a notch? If so, then you should consider learning the horn bet. This is a betting strategy that is not used very often in craps, but it can provide a great payoff if done correctly. In this guide, we will explain what is a horn bet in craps, horn bet craps payout, craps horn bet strategy, and provide some tips on how to use it effectively.

What is The Horn Bet in Craps?

The horn bet is a one-roll wager on the 2, 3, 11, or 12. It must be bet in multiples of four and can be placed at any time during a craps game. The payout for this bet depends on which number is rolled. If the dice land on 2 or 12, the payout is 30 to 1 (or 3 to 1 in some casinos). Rolling 3 or 11 results in a payout of 15 to 1 (or 3 to 1 in some casinos). Keep in mind that the amounts the house pays you do not reflect true odds.

How Does it Work?

When placing a horn bet, you are essentially betting on four numbers at once: 2, 3, 11, and 12. You must place your wager in multiples of four; for example, $4 or $8. This means that if any of these numbers are rolled, you will receive a payout based on the odds associated with each number.

What Are The Odds?

The odds associated with each number vary depending on which casino you are playing at. Generally speaking, if you roll a 2 or 12 you will receive 30 to 1 (or 3 to 1) payouts; if you roll a 3 or 11 you will receive 15 to 1 (or 3 to 1) payouts; and if any other number is rolled then your wager will lose.

Benefits of Placing a Horn Bet

One of the main benefits of placing a horn bet is that it offers players more chances to win than other bets such as pass line and come bets. Additionally, because it’s only one roll, there’s less risk involved than with other bets that require multiple rolls before they can be resolved. Finally, because it’s split between four numbers instead of just one, there’s also less risk involved than with single-number bets such as hard ways and field bets.

Drawbacks of Placing a Horn Bet

The main drawback of placing a horn bet is that it has worse odds than most other craps bets due to its high house edge – typically around 16%. Additionally, because it’s split between four numbers instead of just one like most other craps bets, your chances of winning are lower than they would be with single-number bets such as hard ways and field bets. Finally, because it’s only one roll there’s no chance for your wager to grow over multiple rolls like there would be with pass line and come bets.

Payout of The Horn Bet Craps

A $4 horn bet is $1 on each number, so when 3 or 11 hits you get paid $12 (3×4), and when 2 or 12 hits you get paid $24 (6×4). When any other number comes up, it’s a loss for your horn bet. The payout for a successful horn bet depends on which number comes up; if it’s either 2 or 12 then you will receive 30:1 odds, if it’s either 3 or 11 then 15:1 odds will be paid out.

Strategies For Playing Horn Bets In Craps

There are several strategies for playing horn bets in craps that can help increase your chances of winning while minimizing your losses when playing this type of wager:

Place Your Wagers In Multiples Of Four

As mentioned above, when placing a horn bet you must place your wager in multiples of four; for example $4 or $8. This ensures that all four numbers have equal weight when determining whether you win or lose your wager.

Take Advantage Of Free Odds Bets

Taking advantage of free odds bets after making a pass line/come bet can help reduce the house edge associated with horn bets by up to 0.8%. This means that if you make both types of wagers together then your overall house edge drops from 16% down to 15%.

Avoid Making Horn Bets On Hard Numbers

Hard numbers refer to 4-6-8-10 combinations that have higher house edges than soft numbers such as 5-9 combinations so try and avoid making horn bets on these hard numbers whenever possible as they offer worse odds than soft numbers do when making this type of wager.

Set A Bankroll Limit & Stick To It

Setting yourself a bankroll limit before starting play helps ensure that you don’t end up spending more money than what’s comfortable for you so try and set yourself limits before starting play whenever possible and stick to them throughout the course of play regardless of how well things may seem like they’re going at any given moment in time!

Choose a Reputable Betting Address

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The Horn Bet in craps can be a fun and exciting way to play the game, but it is important to know its house edge, payouts, and strategies before placing a wager. By following the tips above, you can increase your chances of winning when betting on this type of bet while also limiting your losses. Additionally, make sure to find a reputable and secure betting address like Fun88 in order to ensure you have the best gaming experience possible.

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