What Are the 5 Rules of Boxing?

Boxing is a game in which two people can take part; basically, it is a fighting game in which the players have to beat and hit each other except for some of the body parts. It is not an easy game as compared to other games like cricket, football, or volleyball. It is a very dangerous game because sometimes the punches hit your some sensitive body part and you will go in the conscious condition.

You have to wear some protective across your body, like protective gloves, hand wraps, and mouth guards for the time of playing.

You need to enter the boxing ring and defeat your opponent within the time limit. This game is played into different rounds and each round is consists of three minutes, after every minute there is one minute’s break for rest.

What Are the 5 Rules of Boxing?

There are some rules that you have to follow while playing boxing มวยไทย otherwise; you will be getting off from the game. If you want to be a successful player, you should follow these five rules.

Hitting Rules

The hit rules are mean that you cannot hit on such a part that is prohibited to hit and if you do this your points will be deducted. So these are the hitting instruction that you have to follow while punches to your opponent.

  • You do not hit in the private part, like below the belt, head-butt, or spit on the opponent
  • Don’t use your legs like you shouldn’t hit with your feet
  • You cannot hit with your elbows, head, or forearms
  • The players cannot make an attack from the back of an opponent, like in neck and kidneys
  • The players are prohibited when the opponent is knocked down

Rule Number 2

This rule is also called the same weight rule because both of the players have the same weight so that they can fight each other with equal force.

  • The player weight should not be high than the opponents
  • If the player weight difference is very high then he will be avail one hour to maintain the desirable weight
  • If he cannot achieve the weight no more weighing is allowed


  • In all the contests the number of the rounds will already be specified that cannot be changes เกมใหม่น่าเล่น
  • Each round is consist of three minutes
  • After every round, the players have to take stay for one minute

Accidently Bad Hit

  • If a player is accidentally hit along with a low blow and he feels unhealthy he can take five minutes so that he can recover his condition and start again the round.
  • But if the foul results become the reason to end the match due to injury, then the players who make the foul will be disqualified
  • The winner of this game is deicide based on the fight due to the judge’s order or by the knockout


  • If the player is floored and cannot get up for 10 seconds he will be considered the loser
  • If the players in shows are unwilling to continue the fight and he can stop the fight by considering him a loser
  • You have to shake hands with the opponents before starting the match
  • You have to obey the referee and works on the referee order like if he asks you to stop the fight you have to stop immediately


The word foul is very important in boxing and we hear it many times while seeing boxing. When you break any rule in boxing it is called foul. The foul can be resulted in a warning and even disqualifying the players. The player who pretended the foul and let to end the match the players will be disqualified from the match. Check out more boxing news here.

Final Words

These are 5 top boxing rules that everyone must follow to win the game or for the sake of following rules.


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