Top 6 Thrillers on Netflix That Will Make Your Heart Race

It has been an extremely boring year, among other things. While there were a lot of happenings that took place on a global level, our own lives have sort of been on pause since the start of 2020. The lockdown completely took everyone by surprise, and later on, the ambiguity that prevailed made us even more anxious and bored.

We resorted to different entertainment options to avoid going insane out of boredom. Some of us picked up the book we never got the time to finish, some adopted new hobbies, and some binge-watched movies and TV shows on Netflix. And thank God for the high-speed internet like Metronet Fiber Internet that made it possible for us to stream TV shows and movies online. Netflix has a wide range of TV shows and movies, but nothing entertains and keeps us on our toes more than a good psychological thriller. In this article, we’ll mention the top thrillers on Netflix that will make your heart race:


This is a mind-numbing, mysterious flick that revolves around an ambitious and career-oriented girl named Alice. She realizes that she has been replaced on her social accounts online with a replica of herself. The story unravels when the alleged doppelganger of Alice indulges in more extreme acts, forcing her to figure out the alarming mystery before things get out of hand. This movie is classified as a horror mystery and is rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.


This gripping, tense, and an utterly deranged movie is based on a single mother who keeps her seventeen-year-old wheelchair-bound daughter locked away in an attempt to protect her. But the daughter, Chloe, is exposed to some shocking truths later on when she is months away from starting college, which makes her question her mother’s true motives. The movie is full of suspense and will keep you on your toes at all times. Run was highly appreciated by the audience and is rated 6.7 on IMDb.


This is a modern crime classic that is based on the prolific serial killer Zodiac. The movie is set in the 1960s and 1970s right around the same time the real Zodiac murdered people in North California. The killer was never found or brought to justice, so the story is basically a projection of years of investigation. A group of four men, out of which two are reporters and two detectives, set out to find the killer and bring him to justice by piecing together the clues he left behind. As the movie is a Robert Downey Jr classic it is obviously loved by the audience and is rated 7.7 on IMDb.

I Am All Girls

Besides being mysterious and full of suspense, this one touches on some very triggering societal issues. It is based on a human trafficking event that took place in 1980s South Africa. A special crime investigator goes into depth when she finds out that a serial killer is targeting men involved in global child trafficking. The movie did an outstanding job uncovering the ugly truths that are still quite prevalent in society. It is a relatively new release but is quite liked by the audience. As per Google, 88% of the users like the film overall.

El Camino

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad (the TV show), you might already know who El Camino actually is. The story of this movie follows on from the TV show’s finale where Pinkman escaped his neo-Nazi captors and Walt Whitman escaped a nationwide manhunt. The story unravels as he attempts to fend off the law as he has always done. It is a critically-acclaimed movie and is rated 7.3 on IMDb.

Money Heist

This is one of Netflix’s biggest hits. It is a Spanish crime saga that is divided into a series of five parts. The story revolves around a group of people that mostly consists of criminals and people on the run from the law. The master criminal also known as the Professor gathers these people and trains them to carry out meticulously planned heists. The series has suspense, romance, betrayal, and plenty of twists. What more could you want? It has been an audience favorite for the last two to three years and is highly rated everywhere. It has a rating of 8.2 on IMDb.

Wrapping Up

Netflix offers a wide range of TV shows and movies that you can enjoy watching with your family and friends, but the above-mentioned genre-specific list is for the adrenaline chaser in you. It is for the ones who can’t wait to yell and scream at the screen as the victim runs away from the killer.

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