QR Code Design Mastery: 4 Rules for Professional-Quality Codes

What makes a really good QR code?

You might be surprised at how much difference it makes to use a well-designed code over one that could be much better. A good-looking code can draw people to your site, letting them subscribe to your products or services in the blink of an eye.

Achieving the quality to do so can be a frustrating time. With this guide, though, you can begin to understand how to build a QR code design that is second to none.

1. Keep the Right Colors

Dark colors such as black, grey, or navy work best on a darker background. It is wise to tie in the colors with the brand site the QR code is connecting to for the best results. A great QR code design requires both attention to color and contrast. 

2. Be Consistent

Consistency creates the most recognizable brand identity and makes it easy for a user to identify and quickly read a QR code. It is also important to ensure that the logo used in the middle of the QR code is legible.

The colors and patterns chosen should also be consistent throughout. Doing this will showcase a consistent and consistent dedication to quality assurance.

3. Keep the Design Simple

Keeping the design simple ensures that the logo, company branding, or other graphics included are neither too distracting nor too bland. The goal is to make a code that reads with minimal effort and remains visually pleasing without intruding on the main purpose of the code.

4. Use Legible Labels

The use of easy-to-read, high-contrast labels increases the success of scanning while providing useful information. To create QR codes with design, make sure the text is large enough to be read and the font color contrasts with the QR code to the point that the code is still recognizable.

Keep the label concise and straightforward. Focus only on the essential information and avoid using excessive words. Keep the text focused on what action should be taken, such as scanning for product information. Providing a user-friendly experience is key to QR Code Design Mastery.

Follow These 4 Tips in Creating Your QR Code Design

A professional-quality QR code can be hard to create but with these four rules, anyone can create an aesthetically pleasing, functional QR code. To ensure a successful QR code campaign, it is essential to incorporate QR code design mastery from the start.

Make sure to keep the right colors, be consistent, keep the design simple, and use legible labels for your QR codes. Take advantage of these four rules to create eye-catching, reliable QR codes that users can trust and fascinate.

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