Practical Tips for SQL Performance Tuning

Software teams that are reliant on relational databases require expertise in SQL performance tuning. It doesn’t just have to be vital for us to call it that. Unfortunately, rare is another option. RDBMS settings can be left as they come by default by many software professionals. That’s incorrect. Your RDBMS comes with default settings that … Read more

How to Find a Winning Online Poker Strategy


The pandemic impacted almost every aspect of our lives, but one unexpected effect has been the rise of online gaming. According to The Washington Post, video games made up a significant portion of people’s social lives during the lockdowns and isolation of the past two years, with online friendships blossoming during this time. Online gaming, … Read more

Healthcare Workers; ICRC Provides Training Sessions Against Violence

ICRC Provides Training Sessions Against Violence

The pandemic has made waves all around the world. It has affected numerous sectors of life and health is no exception. Healthcare has also seen variation during the time of this earth-shattering global pandemic. With all the negative things that are the courtesy of this pandemic, there are some positive things too. The prominence or … Read more

Cardano Guide: All you need to know about third Generation Blockchain!

One of the most talked-about systems in recent times is Cardano, which is the most popular among crypto commoners. The third-generation network is designed to be a more effective and stylish option for the Proof-of-Work networks. Cardano aims to overcome the limitations of the networks behind XRP and Ethereum.  The altcoin ranks third on the … Read more