How a Simple Change of Wallpaper Can Completely Revamp Your Kids Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is a hugely important space for them. It becomes a representation of who they are and who they aspire to be. It also becomes a physical manifestation of their imagination, independence and creativity. When they enter it, they enter their little fortress of solitude and it might have a very different feel from the rest of the home. A kids room wallpaper pattern can take them away from the static boredom of life and transport them to another place.

Brighten up the Room With Vibrant Colors

What you see goes into your brain and affects how your mind perceives the world. Imagine the feeling of walking into a room with black walls, or with bare white walls. While one might bring about a feeling of uneasiness, the other leaves you feeling empty.

Wallpaper is dynamic in tons of ways and color certainly contributes to it. Not that you’d want to represent all of them, but there are millions of color combinations. The flip side of that is that you have loads of choices. Indeed, you can find the perfect color based on what it symbolizes, the feelings that it is associated with or simply because you like it for personal reasons.

Vibrant colors inspire people. Color psychology is the study of how different hues affect human mood and behavior. If you want your child to benefit from these insights, you might consider incorporating soft hues, to inspire various emotions.

While lighter-tone blues are associated with creating a meditative effect and a tranquil ambiance, warm beiges and soft grays can conjure feelings of calm and contentment. While faded lavenders promote relaxation, light greens are found to be very soothing.

Efficiently Change the Wallpaper as They Grow

California cotton fabric by the yard is a fabric that calls the casual comforts of the Golden State to mind. Flax linen wallpaper is known for its soft textures and natural tones. Organic Twill wallpaper is renowned for its depth. Whenever you’re dealing with these kinds of wallpapers, which are easy to install and remove, the process of changing the dynamic of the room is not the daunting thought that it might have been 20 years ago.

As your child grows, and as their personality emerges, they can begin choosing their own wallpaper patterns. This might be something you do very occasionally but it can also be something that you use as a reward for awesome behavior, good grades or a birthday present. With today’s ultra-efficient wallpapers, the process is quick and easy.

When your child enters their bedroom, they could be heading straight for the deep ocean or floating into outer space. While you may not have a solar system pattern on your living room wallpaper, it may be the perfect choice for your little would-be astronaut. Seeing Barbie, Bart Simpson or a pretty garden represented on their walls could very well be the thing that helps kids shake off a bad day. These days, there are scores of excellent wallpaper fabrics and patterns to choose from and it is becoming ever easier to install and remove. Visit a home goods store today to pick out the wallpaper that will help turn your kid’s room into their own personalinzed space.

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