Help Your Child Adjust To Going Back to School With These 7 Tips

Going back to school after a holiday can be thrilling for some children, but others struggle with anxiety. That’s especially the case for kids who struggle with bullying, poor grades, joining a new school, long-distance learning, or being away from their parents. To reduce the chances of a bad school year filled with anxiety, we’ve prepared 7 tips to help your child. And if you have a child with disabilities, you can check out Treloar School & College for your child’s education.

How Can Parents Encourage Their Kids to Return to School?

Here’s how you can help your kids be ready to go back to school, no matter what their circumstances are:

1. Bring It Up

Your child may be anxious about starting school again, and because of that, you may be anxious as well. That can make you avoid the topic, but that will only make matters worse when the time to go back comes. Having said that, bring up the topic and talk about it. Ease them to it towards school at the end of the summer break, Start talking about routines, how their return to school plan will be, and so on.

2. Reintroduce the Sleeping Schedule

If your kids’ sleeping schedule was disrupted, it will be hard to reintroduce it abruptly when school starts. That’s why you need to re-establish it about a week before school starts. Doing this will be crucial to their ability to adjust to school life.

Having said that, establish a firm bedtime schedule, especially when dealing with younger kids. Be firm about early nights because they will be dealing with longer days and a more formal teaching style, both of which are quite exhausting.

3. Reconnect With Friends From School

When you reconnect with people that your kids associate with school, they’ll ease into the upcoming change. This can help them manage any anxieties and feelings associated with transitions or school starting up again after the summer break.

4. Be Present

Negative thoughts about going back to school could seem like they stem from silly things like reduced playtime, having to do their homework, following the rules, and so on. But that’s not always the case. Your kid could be struggling with a lot of issues that you know nothing about, which is why you need to be present, understanding, and empathetic.

Create opportunities and a safe environment for your child to communicate with you and be available all the time since they might wish to open up at an unexpected time. Furthermore, once they go back to school, ask about their experience, and any highlights, read with them and care. Show them that you’re interested and will walk with them throughout their journey.

5. Focus on the Positives

Summer vacation is fun, but school has its benefits too. That said, help your kids realize the benefits of school. Try your best to show them how excited you are about school, and their feelings could mirror yours within no time. Remember, when kids are excited, they are open to taking on new challenges. You could also buy them a new school bag or water bottle to help them look forward to school.

6. Establish New Routines

Out with the old, in with the new. Forget the summer routine and gradually start reestablishing a school routine. If you expect them to transition seamlessly from a loose and flexible vacation schedule to a school schedule, you’re in for disappointment.

That said, go back to regular, established mealtimes and bedtimes at least one week before the start of the semester. If they are joining a new school, you need to prepare them early enough so that they can know what to expect at their new school.

7. Avoid Frantic Mornings

A good day is seen in the morning. That said, allow your kid plenty of time in the mornings to enjoy a leisurely commute to school. If mornings are frantic, disorganised, and rushed, they will develop a negative attitude towards school. Mornings also make the perfect time to bond with kids and talk about the day ahead.

Final Thoughts

As parents, it’s natural for us to want the best for our kids. Anything that causes them distress can be very uncomfortable for us as well. That said, these 7 tips will help you empower your kid with the patience and zeal they need as they go back to school!

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