Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Main Boilers for Your Home

Main Boilers have been a market favorite since a long time and for all the right reasons. They are modernly designed, efficient and offer energy saving at its best.

There will come a time in your life when your old, noisy boiler will give up on you. And it will be time for you to get your hands on one of the Main Boilers. No amount of repairing will fix it and you will realize that it is time to wave your final goodbye to it.

A new boiler is a worthwhile investment and helps you get the best features. From being energy efficient to smart; there is a lot that main boilers have to offer. This is exactly why, choosing one, becomes an overwhelming experience.

It is not easy to make a buying decision when you are looking for the best boiler for your home. Buckle up, as we unveil our ultimate guide that will help you choose one of the best main boilers for your family and you.

Choosing the Best Boiler for Your Home

To choose the best boiler, you need to learn about the three basic types.

  • Combi Boilers:

These are usually termed as combination boilers and are the most popular types of main boilers that people purchase nowadays.  And their investment is worth it. Why?  it heats up water, right on demand, which means that there is no need for a separate tank in this. Thus, it is the best pick for people with smaller spaces.

  • Conventional Boilers:

A conventional boiler, as the name suggests, works in a traditional manner, by heating water and storing it in a tank, for being used later on. The water remains warm for a couple of hours easily. But once the warm water finishes, you have to wait until it is heated again and stored for usage. You can turn the boiler on an hour before you plan to use the hot water. But this does seem like a hassle for many these days and conventional main boilers are going in the back lane.

  • System Boilers:

Lastly, there are system boilers and this one supplies hot water to all the radiators and storage cylinders in your home. These boilers basically function somewhat like combi boilers. However, they fulfill a huge warm water demand, beating the combi main boilers.

Once you know about the basic 3 types of boilers available, you can easily make a choice according to your set of requirements but we will help you further.

Main Boilers
Main Boilers

Factors to consider while choosing your boiler:

Now, the next step is to consider some factors when choosing the best boiler for your home. Regardless of which type you opt for, it is important to look into the following elements:

  1. Space:

How much space do you have for your boiler? This will help you make a quick decision and will limit your possibilities on its own. If you have less space, a combi or system boiler is the best.

  1. Water on demand:

Nowadays, everybody wants water on demand. And this is why, combi main boilers are the go to choice to make. It eliminates the need of a hot water tank. But, if you have a lot of family members and everyone uses hot water simultaneously, then the combi boiler might not be able to meet the demand.

  1. Usage frequency:

This is another factor to consider; how much usage frequency is expected? How many family members do you have? Remember that a Vaillant System Boilers doesn’t meet a huge demand. Thus, choosing a system boiler is best if you have a large family or if all of you have separate bathrooms and need hot water running in all bathrooms.


By evaluating your choices and considering some of the basic factors, you are able to make a smart purchase. You will get an array of main boilers in the market. But you must know what you are looking for and what output you need from a boiler. Thus, do your homework before stepping out to get your boiler.

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