Google will ban apps to search for a sugar daddy

Google unveiled changes to the Play Store app market for Android. One of the modifications is the prohibition of the applications to look for a sugar daddy.

A sugar daddy is an older person who establishes relationships with a younger person (obviously, of legal age), in order to exchange financial help for affection. It’s a win-win, so to speak.

However, and although applications like Tinder do not establish filters for this, Google will prohibit it, as part of the changes in the Inappropriate Content Policy.

“Starting September 1, 2021, we are updating the Inappropriate Content Policy to institute new restrictions on sexual content,” Google notes. “Specifically, prohibiting compensated sex (i.e. Sugar Dates).”

Remember that these sugar dating apps are really popular. They points to the example of Spoil: Sugar Daddy Dating for Secret Arrangement, which has had over a million downloads. The app advertises that “you can find rich sugar daddies looking for a discreet arrangement, and you can also meet other hot girls looking for generous men. Our mission is to help you find the mutually beneficial relationship.”

In any case, apps like Tinder, when looking for age specifications, this type of relationship can be established. Most likely, apps like Spoil will have to adapt to Google’s new policies.

Google and its changes, beyond the Sugar Daddy issue

But the prohibition of applications to search for a sugar daddy is not the only one that Google will launch. Will update:

  1. The Financial Services Policy, in order to clarify the definition of the total cost of loans in the Finance category apps. In India and Indonesia new requirements are being added.
  2. Store Announcements and Promotions Policy, to prohibit text and graphic spam in the titles, icons and names of application developments.
  3. The Ads Policy, indicating changes in the use of the Android advertising ID. According to Google, when a user removes the Android Advertising ID on a new device, the Advertising ID will be removed and replaced with a string of zeros.

Google will also introduce new policies, such as the Essential Use Case App Suite Identifier and Family Policy Requirements, on identifiers used in kid-friendly apps.

They also add a new section in the Application Policy, closing inactive developer accounts after one year.

Finally, the platform will clarify the device and network abuse policy, in order to prohibit applications or SDKs with interpreted languages, such as JavaScript, from violating Google Play policies.

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