Exploring the XPOD Vaping Device

Have you been considering switching from smoking to vaping, but are not sure which vaping device to use? Well, you should just go for the XPOD from ePuffer. While there has been a great deal of innovation in many vaping devices, not many actually come close to the ePuffer XPOD. The XPOD is a highly innovative gadget that works well for both beginners and experienced vapers. It is simple to use, making it suitable for both those new to vaping and seasoned vapers. XPODs have advanced features making them a great vaporizer choice for veterans.

What is an XPOD?

Among the many e-cigarettes, you will come across, you will encounter XPODs. The XPOD from ePuffer is a sleek device that is light and easily portable. The look is similar to a flat stick, but different companies design their vapes differently.

Among the reasons you should get XPODs, especially from the leading manufacturer, ePuffer, is that its XPOD is made using the award-winning technology referred to as SNAPS magnetic atomization. When you buy an XPOD, below are the things to expect in the kit:

  • A pod with a 1.5 ml capacity
  • A rechargeable 375 mAh battery
  • 3 blank refillable cartridges
  • A Multilanguage user’s manual
  • A charging cable (USB type-C)

Why choose ePuffer XPOD?

You should consider enjoying an excellent vaping experience using the XPOD from ePuffer because it has the following great features:

It is easily portable

If you like vaping as you travel, ePuffer’s XPOD is your best option because it is lightweight and compact so you can slip it into your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. It weighs only 23 grams and has a length of 110 mm. The manufacturer also says it’s leak-free, so you don’t have to worry about it leaking in your pocket.

It has a fantastic design

People who like stylish devices will love XPOD because it has a modern sleek look. This makes it easy to hold, and use. Also, the ePuffer XPOD comes in different colours and users can pick their favourite. It also has a cap for the mouthpiece covering adding to its aesthetics and ensuring hygiene.

It is convenient and easy to use

Besides the portability, most users who have done ePuffer XPOD reviews say that it is super easy to use and very convenient. Remember it has a USB type-C charging port, and charges very fast, it can be fully charged within 40 minutes.

Using the XPOD is pretty simple, as all you need is to fit the prefilled pod and draw to start enjoying your favourite vape flavour. You may also refill the blank cartridges by removing the cap carefully, and then reinserting it once refilled.

It offers great satisfaction and taste

Ex-smokers looking for as much gratification from vaping as they got from smoking can count on ePuffer’s XPOD. The device produces vapour similar to the smoke from a conventional cigarette and offers a feeling similar to smoking. The user gets a satisfying throat hit, and as they exhale the vapour evaporates into the air within seconds. Users also enjoy a smooth draw and using the pre-filled cartridges with perfectly balanced e-juice provides an excellent taste.


If you have been looking for an excellent vaping device, consider ePuffer’s XPOD. It is a perfectly designed, lightweight device, that is easy to use for all vapers. It is also fast-charging, easily portable and offers users fantastic satisfaction.

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