Everything You Need to Know About Free Bets

Free bets is a promotion that attracts any punter to play in an online casino or bookmaker. It is a very good offer for new and old customers who can have a bigger chance of getting a payout.

Such an offer is usually given to newly-registered customers to entice them to deposit more. It can also be given to existing players as a bonus for topping up.

Receiving free bets can help punters’ bankroll if managed accordingly.

Since this is an offer that gamblers would love, there are certain strategies to be applied to use free bets and not actually waste such an opportunity.

Read along to garner knowledge about free bets.

Free Bets: What is it?

People love free things. Gamblers love it as well. Free bets are essentially free wagers that serve as promotional material for an online casino. It aims to encourage potential players to register while helping current bettors keep playing on the site.

Free bets usually depend on how much the player deposited into their account. It also has to be used before receiving the extra bet money.

For instance, online bookmaker and casino OKBET gives its members free bets once depositing a minimum amount of P300, and they will receive a bonus of 15%.

There are also other requirements for gamblers to avail of the promotion. Sometimes, they must have reached the required total turnover before receiving the free bets. 

Nevertheless, terms and conditions differ among betting sites. Each platform must develop unique free bet mechanics to attract more players.

Free means “Free”

A common question about free bets is if they can be withdrawn. The simple answer is “yes.”

Technically, gamblers accomplished the requirement for them to enjoy the promotion. Thus, they are entitled to use the free bets however they desire.

There are instances, however, that bookies will require something in return. For example, in the case of a no-deposit signup bonus, bookmakers would challenge players by setting high rollover requirements, restricted odds, and tight deadlines.

Regardless, some bookmakers have relaxed free bets rules, allowing players to collect the bonuses without struggle. But mostly, free bets cannot be withdrawn, except the winnings of the free play.

The Darkside of Free Bets

Of course, online casinos need to earn. Promotions like free bets come with a price—that punters usually pay.

Most sportsbooks insist that for a bettor to earn the free bets bonus, they must first use their initial deposit to play. Gamblers sometimes need to roll numerous times before they are eligible to collect the promotion.

This is a dangerous bargain, especially with the essence of the term “free” becoming useless. At times, players who would collect the free bet bonus would lose their initial deposit. Thus, their money is lost—and so is their free bet.

Sometimes, free bets are used to bait people into betting at events that do not have good odds. Hence, sports bettors must be aware of collecting bonuses and cashing out when picking bookies.

Free Bets Types


This type of free bet requires players to place certain stakes on a certain event to qualify for the bonus. Its target is usually new and existing punters.


One of the most common bonuses in online casinos and bookies. Matched free bets are commonly paired with first-time deposits. It is also tied with recharges.

Bettors can easily claim this bonus, and the amount will depend on how much the punter deposited.

No Deposit

This is a widespread marketing promotion of bookies to attract potential players into signing up on their platform. But because it requires zero deposit, the rules are stricter.


Competition is tough when it comes to online gambling. As a player, the best way to maximize free bets is by choosing the platform that has the best deals and promotions. Remember that even if gambling sites give out free chips, responsible gambling will always be needed.

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