CE signs National Anthem Law (with photographs)

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The CEO, Mrs Carrie Lam, today (June 11) marked the National Anthem Law passed by the Administrative Board (LegCo) as per Article 48(3) of the Fundamental Regulation. The National Anthem Mandate will come into quick impact after it is distributed in the Newspaper tomorrow (June 12).

     “Like the national banner and the national image, the national anthem is the image and indication of the country. As a basic piece of Individuals’ Republic of China, the hong kong national anthem Exceptional Managerial Area (HKSAR) is compelled by a solemn obligation to safeguard the respect of the national anthem through regulation,” Mrs Lam said.

     “I’m satisfied that the National Anthem Law will be gazetted and happened tomorrow, connoting the satisfaction of the established liability of the HKSAR and mirroring the soul of ‘One Country, Two Frameworks’.”

     The National Anthem Mandate accommodates the playing and singing, assurance and advancement of the national anthem to save the nobility of the nation, upgrade the feeling of national personality among residents and advance enthusiasm. The offenses specified in the Statute just concern the abuse of the national anthem, or public and deliberate demonstrations with a purpose to affront the national anthem.

     “I trust that individuals from the public will regard the national anthem independently, subsequently the advancement of the national anthem is of vital significance. To allow our cutting edge to figure out the set of experiences and soul of the national anthem and to notice the behavior for the playing and singing of the national anthem, the Training Department will refresh its learning and helping assets and issue headings to schools through brochures to help schools in showing understudies,” Mrs Lam said.

     The Standing Advisory group of the twelfth National Individuals’ Congress passed the Law of Individuals’ Republic of China on National Anthem on September 1, 2017, and added the Law to Add-on III to the Essential Regulation on November 4 around the same time. As per Article 18 of the Fundamental Regulation, the national regulations recorded in Addition III to the Essential Regulation will be applied locally via declaration or regulation by the HKSAR. Having respect to the custom-based regulation framework rehearsed in Hong Kong, as well as the genuine conditions in Hong Kong, the HKSAR Government chose to execute the National Anthem Regulation in the HKSAR by nearby regulation. The National Anthem Bill was brought into the LegCo for First Perusing and Second Perusing in January 2019, and was passed by the LegCo on June 4 this year.

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