Brian C Jensen shares useful mental health guidelines for the COVID warriors

Since 2020 there has been much talk going on about the pandemic outbreak and the virus. And not everything that is getting talked about is positive. For instance, it’s been said that the virus adversely affects the body’s immune system and can also lead to complications even after a person tests negative. Hence, it has made people fearful of the virus and its after-effects. And the person who has been affected by the virus is in much stress and anxiety about their future health, which in turn impacts their mental health. And that needs to get addressed and remedied as well.

Essential mental health guidelines by Brian C Jensen

No one wants to get infected by the virus. But if you or anyone you know got infected, it is necessary to exercise utmost caution for recovery and take good care of one’s mental health. Some of the essential guidelines that you can follow are:

  1. Start expecting the best

It might seem like a counterproductive activity, but it is exactly what you have to do if you want to feel and get better. It would be best to think that the worst is behind you and that good times are ahead of you, according to Brian C Jensen. It will equip your mind and body for recovery in a better way. It will enable you to drop negative thoughts. Excess stress can aggravate your mental health. Instead, if you think that only good outcomes are ahead of you, it will enable you to think positively and help you attain better physical and mental health.

  1. Meditate regularly

Most COVID-19 patients often witness more anxiety and nervousness. It’s because of the several deaths that occurred after the virus attack. And so, anyone who gets infected thinks about death as the primary outcome of the disease. Hence, if you or anyone is affected by the virus, you need to stay calm and relaxed. Meditation helps the body to recover better because it heals the immune system. Stress can result in disturbed hormones, which can delay recovery. On the other hand, when you meditate, you feel grounded and relaxed, which helps you think more constructively and positively work towards your recovery.

  1. Read uplifting and positive content

Many COVID-19 patients feared that they might get black fungus and that their memory would get compromised. The news updates did mention black fungus as one of the side effects of the pandemic. That means if you stay glued to such updates, you will add more trouble to your health. Know that you are in the best hands and focus on positive news and content. For instance, you might want to read positive quotes or self-help books, which will enable you to feel hopeful about life. Alternatively, Brian C Jensen says that you can also practice affirmations that will allow you to develop a positive mindset, limit your worries and result in a better and faster recovery.

Did you or anyone you know get affected by the COVID-19 virus? If yes, then you should pay extra attention to your body and mind. These guidelines will enable you to do so and stay well.

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