Best hat styles for women with big heads in 2021

Are you struggling to find headwear for your big head? Tried multiple options but did not find the best choice? Here are some expert tips to help you out. Women with big heads often struggle to get their favorite headwear. Well, there is a connection between head size and how the hat fits. These guidelines will help you to get your headwear of the correct size hat that fits you well. All the headwear is not suitable for every head size. It is time to measure your head and get the best option for you. Experts believe that a little bit of anticipation and experimentation will help you get through. You can check out some fashionable hats that may fit your big head. 


Coming with a brim size of 3.25 inches and a UPF 50 rating, it is one of the bestselling hats in the women’s category. It will give you a versatile look, provided you pair it up with white and neutral shade t-shirts. It comes in different sizes from medium to triple XL and is thereby ideal for any head size. If you want to gain a chick and stylish look, you have to try out Stevie. They will give you an edge over the others. These hats are highly crushable and easily packable, and have very lightweight. They are a guarantee of durability, and that gives you the best return on your investment. You can dress in your favorite dress and pair it with these hats. 


Another option that is selling well in the market is Havana hats. They are popular as a classic choice as showcased in multiple movies. It is a well-known fedora hat that comes in different sizes. These packable headwear are not only durable but will give you a definite look. You can fold it, crush it, smash it and do whatever you feel like, but it will bounce back to its original shape. It gives you high-rated sun protection and is thereby ideal for traveling. Coming with the brim size of three inches, you can contrast the same with ribbon headbands that will add a dashing look. Well, women love to mix and match. These hats do not have adjustable chin straps but have interior headbands to suit your head.

Casual traveler

Another casual and popular summer style with a 4.5 inches adjustable brim is a casual traveler. These are lightweight and durable and are perfect for your travel. Coming with UPF 50 protection, they are easy to wear and pack. The brim with this 4.5 inches and microfibre for constructing these hats. When you struggle to find womens hats for big heads, you can mix traditional with contemporary options. They come in different sizes, from medium to double XL.


Yes, there is a headwear known as York. They are quintessential for the winter season. If you want something with a gorgeous pattern and high durability, you will have to look at York. These hats come from European countries; these contemporary headwear are an intelligent addition to your wardrobe. They come with a diamond pattern along with buckle trims. The brim size is 2.5 inches and has a UPF rating of 50. They are available in medium and large sizes, and people use nylon for the exterior and fleece for the interior.

El Ranchero

Are you interested in adventures? Are you looking for something fashionable and sturdy at the same time? Then you must take a look at El ranchero. It will give you extreme sun protection with a 5 inches brim size and wind resisting chin strap. They are ideal for your outdoor activities and are available in different sizes. The adjustable chin strap is what makes the headwear best for your playful activities.


With the feminine touch and exquisite look, Rebecca is once again back in fashion. If you want to gather a gorgeous look with an adventurous touch, you have to take a look at Rebecca. With a brim size of eight inches, they are ideal for the summer season. However, you can wear them in the winter months as well. It will give you a cocktail look when you pair it with your short dresses and high boots. It will provide you with UPF 50 rating and come with interior headbands. Paper polyester helps in making these hats, and they are available in different sizes.

You don’t have to moan and feel helpless without choices since you have so many options before you style your big head. Whether it is the beach party or office party, or dinner party, you now have multiple options to style yourself. All you need to do is discover these in detail, which will take care of your personality. You must be confident enough to carry it the right way.

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