8 Things You Can Do For Free In Coimbatore Or You Cannot Believe The 8 Things That Can Be Done For Free In Coimbatore

There is no such thing as free lunch, goes a popular phrase. But sometimes, if you look and stumble across an article such as this, there just might be. Maybe no free meals, but free views and free sightseeing. Coimbatore is one of the major metropolitan city in Tamil Nadu. The city is famous for a host of things like the flourishing agriculture industry, and is famously known for its cotton plantation as well. This in turn gave rise to its textile industry and the city was also known as Manchester of the East. It is also home to the famous Isha Yoga Centre and the statue of the Adi Yogi. For this and many more things, visit Coimbatore and you will not be disappointed. Further helping you on this journey are Treebo Coimbatore Hotels with their clean rooms and great services. Things you can do for free in Coimbatore are:
  1. Offer prayers at Arulmigu Patteeswarar Swamy Temple:

It is also known as the Parur Patteeswara Temple and can be visited for free. It is a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built in the 2nd century CE on the banks of the Noyyal River. Every year the temple erupts in celebration and various classical dances are performed, mostly Bharatnatyam. The temple witnesses many visitors from the world over. Be sure to book the Treebo Coimbatore Hotels near this gorgeous temple.

2.      Show your devotion at Maruthamalai Marudhachalamurthy Temple:

This is another temple with a very ancient history and it was built around the 12th Century CE. It is also a must-visit due to its history and the divinity that the temple has witnessed over the centuries. It is located on a hill and dedicated to Lord Murugan. Devotees flock to this temple all year round, especially for the Thai Poosam and other Murugan festivities that are held here. Do not forget to visit this temple at all costs by booking a stay at the nearest Treebo Coimbatore Hotel!
  1. Take a Walk at Siruvani Dam:

The Siruvani Waterfalls and Dam is a picture-perfect location for all of the pictures you can post on social media for the view is great! Take a leisurely walk alone or with a loved one along this dam for this is the most priceless activity you can do. Channel your main character’s energy and take a beautiful walk in this location while being surrounded by breathtaking views.
  1. Listen to local folklore at Masani Amman Temple:

The Masani Amman Temple is dedicated to a Hindu deity who is also regarded as a clan deity. She is immensely revered as she is considered to be an avatar of Mahadevi. This temple, therefore, witnesses a considerable number of devotees all year round. The mighty Annamalai Hills also serve as the backdrop of this much-revered temple. A unique feature is that the deity is depicted as lying down, unlike other deities. A popular legend around this temple is that devotees are cured of their illness if they go around her trident a few times. The temple is said to have come into existence when a landlord who had forbidden anyone from eating the fruits of his mango grove punished a lady to death because she ate them unknowingly. Later the villages attacked the landlord and erected a temple in her name for the sacrifice she made.
  1. Trek to Vellangiri Hill Temple:

The hill temple in the Vellangiri hills is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is considered to be extremely holy and hence the hills itself have become sacred. The reason for such a hallowed status of this hill and temple is due to the fact that it is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva performed his cosmic dance at the request of his consort Umadevi. The hill itself is rich in resources including rare herbs. The Gods are said to bless those who reach the hills. You can trek up the hills and reach the temple while enjoying the scenic route and the views that surround you.
  1. Enjoy the waterfalls at Kovai Kutralam:

Go waterfall hunting at Kovai Kutralam. Here you enjoy these cascades at leisure and give yourself that much-needed escape from the heat. The falls originate in the Siruvani Hills and come down in the Kovai Kutralam. One of the topmost scenic places in Coimbatore, you simply should not miss this place. The mesmerising scenery and the enchanting waterfalls are surely going to have you entranced!
  1. Take a break at Valankulam Lake:

You will surely feel that Coimbatore is blessed with plenty of scenic spots and holy sites after visiting Valankulam Lake. The lake is a perfect picnic spot or just a place to hang out with your loved ones. Enjoy the serene calm of the lake and the luscious greenery of the scene to fully enjoy your stay in Coimbatore.
  1. Window Shopping at Malls and shopping streets:

Apart from the abovementioned things, you can also do some window shopping at the various malls in Coimbatore. There are some good ones like Brookefields Mall, Fun Republic Mall and ProZone Mall. Brookefields Mall is the largest here while the others are equally big and come with multiple stores. The city also has many shopping streets for a flea market experience. With Treebo Coimbatore, you can be assured of being fully supported throughout your trip to this fascinating city. They have clean rooms waiting for you after a long day, a complimentary breakfast to get you going at the start of your day and many other amenities that help you have a wonderful stay experience in Coimbatore. Below listed are great reasons to book Treebo Coimbatore on your visit to the city.
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